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Travel Tips for the Holidays


(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport offers the following advice for traveling during the upcoming peak holliday season:

Arrive two hours prior to your flight.  This gives you plenty of time to check in, check luggage, clear security screening and arrive at your gate.  You may even have time to shop or get a bit to eat before heading out on your flight.

Pack your carry-on tidily, with items that you will need to unpack at security at the top and in approved bags so that the items stay together.  Remove items from your pockets and place them appropriately in bags before entering security.  The more organized you are as you enter the screening area, the more organized you'll be at the end.  If you have questions about what you can take through security, check on the TSA website:  www.tsa.gov.

Finally, If you’re picking up passengers at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport there is a FREE Cell Phone Lot available for drivers to wait until arriving passengers have deplaned, collected luggage and called to be picked up outside Baggage Claim.

“Holiday traffic is at a peak and capacity for waiting vehicles is limited in front of the terminal.  The Cell Phone Lot will improve traffic safety and offer a convenient place to wait for arriving flights," said John Parrott, Airport Manager.

The Cell Phone Lot is located in a designated area of the ADOTPF Central Region Headquarters parking lot - just two-minutes away from the South Terminal.

Directions to the Cell Phone Lot:  From International Airport Road, turn right at the Aviation Avenue. Exit and follow signs to lot. Drivers must stay with their vehicles.  There is no parking or waiting allowed on the airport roadway shoulders.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) oversees 254 airports, 11 ferries serving 33 communities, 5,700 miles of highway and 660 public facilities throughout the state of Alaska.  The mission of ADOT&PF is to "Get Alaska Moving through service and Infrastructure.

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