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Rep. Young to Patriotic Millionaires: “Lead By Example; Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”


Washington, D.C. – In light of efforts by a select group of millionaires and political leaders to raise tax rates on certain Americans, Alaskan Congressman Don Young has introduced H.R. 3504, the DebtPatriots.Gov Act of 2011. This legislation would modernize an existing Department of Treasury Website and give it an easily recognizable domain name (debtPatriots.gov). This website will better serve the function of receiving gifts from patriotic Americans to reduce the public debt. Americans who want to help reduce the Federal debt by contributing beyond their tax obligation, would have the option to be publically recognized and thanked for their patriotism. 
Congressman Young’s legislation calls for three different award levels to be established including Corporate Awards, Individual awards (Premium), and Individual Awards.  Additionally, within each level, the donor awards would be arranged by the amount of money donated. To view a complete breakdown of the award levels, click here.  

“My intent with this bill is to simply remind folks like Warren Buffett and any other so called ‘patriotic millionaire” that they can already contribute as much money as they would like to help retire the Federal debt,” said Rep. Young. “My legislation is very straightforward; if an American company or individual wants to pay more in taxes than they’re required to already, then all they need to do is visit debtpatriots.gov and give their payment information.

“Raising taxes on the hardworking Americans and small businesses that are the backbone of our economy is not going to create jobs or reduce the deficit. These so called patriotic millionaires should know that. That is why I am calling on them to lead by example and put their money where their mouths seem to be.”

Established in 1843, there is a specific account where Americans who wish to make a general donation to the United States Government may send their contributions. This has evolved into an website infrastructure on www.pay.gov

Recently, The Daily Caller published a story pointing out the hypocrisy of this very subject. To view the story, click here.

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