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Rep. Young Meets With Chief FWS Enforcement Officer; Discusses Agency’s Law Enforcement Tactics


Alaskan Congressman Don Young met with U.S. Fish & Wildlife (FWS) Chief Law Enforcement Officer William Woody today to discuss some of his concerns with the FWS's law enforcement practices in Alaska. During many of Rep. Young's trips around Alaska, many incidents with FWS officials have been brought to Congressman Young's attention where constituents felt the FWS was acting in an aggressive and overzealous manner. 

"Before this meeting it was hard for me to be anything but skeptical of the Fish and Wildlife Service," said Rep. Young. "However, after relaying my concerns and the concerns of Alaskans regarding how the FWS enforces laws; I am much more confident that Mr. Woody understands that the FWS has to do better. I hope the progress Mr. Woody and I made today trickles down to the FWS's enforcement personnel on the ground in Alaska. 

"Mr. Woody assured me that he will be going to Alaska in the near future to meet with and hear the concerns of stakeholders across the state and that he understands that his first priority in the state has to be the people of Alaska. I plan to hold Mr. Woody to his word and look forward to working with him in the future to ensure my Alaskan constituents' concerns are being heard and acted on."

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