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Renewable Energy Alaska Project November Newsletter


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Energy Specialist for UAF Cooperative Extension Service 

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Happy November everyone, 

The REAP Newsletter is about keeping you informed about renewable energy and energy efficiency in Alaska and REAP's work. That includes everything from events and projects to policies and workshops, and sometimes just things we think are interesting and want to share. If there are topics you're interested in, let us know and we'll see if we can get them in. Or if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 929.7770. Alright so enough with the introductions....There's a whole lot of great events coming up in the next two weeks from seminars and workshops to our REAP forum to the Carrotmob (yes, Carrotmob!) at Taproot so please READ ON! 


Nov. 9 REAP FORUM:  

Winter Commuting - Bicycle Style       

6-8pm * Anchorage Museum * 625 C Street * FREE

Live Podcast: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/788960688

winter biking picture
Strap on your helmet and bike studs and come join us for our FREE forum on winter biking. Biking is an excellent way to get around town year-round in Anchorage and save on gas and time stuck in traffic jams. Hear from expert presenter Kristi Wood, of Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage, on how best to tune up your bike for winter, clothing, gear, riding techniques, and more. PLUS learn more about other commuting options such as the Share-a-Ride Vanpool Program, People Mover, and new Valley Mover bus service between Mat-Su and Anchorage. More info: www.REalaska.org or 929.7770__________________________________________ 

PLASTIC RECYCLING: Valley Commununity for Recycling Solutions (VCRS) in the Mat-Su is now accepting any plastic with a recycling symbol not just the #1 and #2s. Call 475-5544 for more info. 

Sherrod Wind TurbineWIND POWER: I get a lot of questions about the cost and performance of small wind systems. Jim Norman of ABS Alaskan recently shared this good article from Home Power magazine that lays out the basics and a rating of some types of turbines.

239.jpgCARROTMOB AT TAPROOT: Join Alaska Center for the Environment, Green Star, and Tap Root on Nov. 3 for Anchorage's first Carrotmob!! The Carrotmob concept was born in San Francisco a couple years ago and is a "buycott" where patrons turn out en masse to use their buying power to encourage a business to implement energy efficiency measures. The name comes from the "carrot and the stick" approach to encouraging businesses to improve their carbon footprint. Tap Root has agreed to use 100% of the night's profits to upgrading their facility and will be working with Green Star to help determine the most beneficial energy efficiency improvements. MORE

Nov. 5 ONE PEOPLE ONE EARTH: Join climate scientists, Alaska Native Elders, and Alaskan interfaith leaders for an interactive conversation to inspire meaningful action on climate change through greater respect for the earth and one another. More info from Alaska Interfaith Power & Light:  www.akipl.org/programs/akiplevents


Looking for Energy Visionaries

REAP is proud to announce our Energy Visionary campaign. The Energy Visionary campaign recognizes individuals who have the vision and desire to support REAP's mission in a substantial way: those who know that building a secure and sustainable energy future for Alaska will not happen by accident, that it requires the dedicated efforts and commitments of charitable donors. Contact REAP Development Director Courtney Munson at 907-929-7770 x13 or c.munson@realaska.org for more informationMORE



Nov. 4,5: LED Workshops - Anchorage & Wasilla MORE

Nov. 5-6: CONSUMER EDUCATION AND WEATHERIZATION at the UAS Campus in Sitka. Three classes each day, 2 hours apiece;  (email bitty@cityofsitka.com for specific times). This is for anyone who lives in a building structure! 

Nov. 8-9: Advanced Cold Climate Building Techniques Workshop - Wasilla. MORE

Nov. 15: U.S. Dept. of Energy LED Streetlights Webinar MORE

Nov. 15: Commercial Energy Efficiency Forum - Anchorage MORE

U.S. House approves Denali hydroelectric permit
Alaska 38th out of 50 on National Energy Efficiency Scorecard
How Energy Innovation Benefits Alaskan Bush
Energy test showed power use cut by about 1-2 percent

Report Finds 64,000 Clean Energy Jobs in Massachusetts

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Stephanie Nowers
Communications Director

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Renewable Energy Alaska Project
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