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New DVD on Raising Chickens Released


Fairbanks, Alaska—Individuals interested in keeping a flock of laying chickens through the winter will benefit from a new DVD released by the Cooperative Extension Service.

Community development agent Mara Bacsujlaky [botch-uh-LOCK-ee], who has raised chickens in the Interior for 10 years, developed the DVD, “Winter Chickens.”

“It’s the down and dirty of keeping laying hens through an Alaska winter,” she said.

The DVD, which is filmed in Bacsujlaky’s chicken coop near Fairbanks, is a visual illustration of what one can expect and is not intended as a comprehensive how-to guide. It contains information about housing and equipment, feed and costs, as well as thoughts about the challenges andbenefits of keeping a laying flock through the winter. The DVD is gearedto the cold and dry conditions of the Interior and northern Alaska.

While home-raised eggs are delicious, keeping winter chickens can get expensive, Bacsujlaky said, especially in areas with high utility costs.

Copies of the DVD may be ordered through Extension for $5 by calling 1-877-520-5211.

ON THE WEB: www.uaf.edu/ces

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