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New “Andromo” App Maker Creates Quality Android Apps In Minutes - FREE


WINNIPEG, Canada - The market for apps that run on Android smartphones and
tablets  continues to grow significantly, with over 500,000 Android
smartphones activated every day. Current market research shows that Android
now holds the largest portion of the smartphone industry at 39 percent, even
surpassing Apple's iOS which sits at 28 percent.

To address that huge market, Indigo Rose Software has launched the "Andromo
App Maker" for Android. Andromo is a free application that makes Android app
development quick and easy enough for anyone. Andromo uses a simple
point-and-click process designed to create professional Android apps in as
little as five minutes. Users are walked through the steps needed to
customize their app's appearance and specify features and functions. Andromo
then builds a fully-functional, customized app ready to be uploaded to the
Android Market and promoted to millions of customers.

Andromo's streamlined online app making process is quick and easy to use and
provides professional results. Users have full control over the appearance
of their apps from background colors, textures and graphics to the position
of text and icons on screen. Apps made with Andromo can open websites,
display graphics, and bring in blog posts, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates,
and more. Advanced activities are also possible, such as the ability to
embed websites and html pages directly into the app. Andromo was also
designed to be easily extended with new functions and activities as the
Android product and market expands in the months ahead.

"Most app creation software now on the market focuses on iPhone apps with
Android development as an afterthought," says Indigo Rose Software President
Colin Adams. "Andromo apps look and feel like Android apps, not iPhone apps
or web sites." Adams adds that with Andromo a user doesn't have to be a
programmer or hire one to make an app. "We created a tool from the ground up
that was designed specifically for Android, the apps you create with Andromo
look and feel like the apps you see in the Android Market." Adams says they
wanted to create something that anyone could use to make Android apps, not
just programmers. "We wanted something that could democratize app making,
like Blogger did for the web, without flooding the Android market with
poorly programmed apps. If you can use Blogger or Wordpress, you can use

Free accounts and additional information are available at www.andromo.com

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