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Heinze Steps Down as ANGDA CEO


Anchorage, Alaska, November 21, 2011 - Harold Heinze announced his resignation as Chief Executive Officer of the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority in a notice to the ANGDA Board of Directors in Anchorage on Monday. Heinze, a well known leader in Alaska’s oil and gas industry, stated that he has an opportunity to pursue other business interests and that the timing was right for him and for ANGDA.

Named engineering manager during the initial development of Prudhoe Bay, Heinze went on to become President of ARCO Alaska and ARCO Transportation in Los Angeles.  Considered an “engineer’s engineer,” Heinze had over 30 years of leadership roles in Alaska’s oil and gas industry before taking on the CEO position at ANGDA.

Heinze’s involvement in North Slope gas reaches back decades.  He accepted the CEO role of this new corporation in 2003 to continue work on one of Alaska’s most important objectives – monetizing North Slope gas through a pipeline.

“ANGDA has made many contributions to advancing Alaska’s interest in bringing North Slope gas to market and allowing Alaskans to share in that opportunity. The focus has always been to assure that Alaskan’s had natural gas, including propane, for heat and generation of electricity,” stated Heinze. “We’ve worked diligently to attract large industrial or export companies to anchor an in-state natural gas transportation system.” 

Under Heinze’s direction, ANGDA acquired the status of “shipper” on behalf of the Alaska railbelt utilities in the Alaska Pipeline Project’s Open Season, allowing a status that will secure a 30 percent savings for Alaska gas consumers.

Heinze further stated, “We have stayed consistent with the people’s directive (the people’s initiative creating ANGDA passed two to one) and ANGDA has always championed bringing natural gas in a spur line from Glennallen into the Cook Inlet area.  That linkage is a key part of any Valdez natural gas export (LNG) project and one that I worked on with Governor Hickel.”

Governor Walter Hickel appointed Heinze Commissioner of Natural Resources to   finalize the land selection of 100 million acres granted to Alaska at statehood. Heinze later became Hickel’s “special envoy” to Asian gas markets.

"Harold’s vision and guidance is unsurpassed.  He has served the people of Alaska, through the ANGDA initiative, with exemplary leadership and he has always acted in the best interest of Alaskans.  His departure will leave a void.  His knowledge and intellect will be sorely missed by the Board of Directors,” stated Chairman of the Board, Scott Heyworth. 

About ANGDA: The Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority (ANGDA) was created by the people of Alaska through a 2002 General Election Ballot Initiative and is a public corporation. Alaska Statute 41.41 contains the law for the establishment and functioning of the authority.

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