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Frankenfish a Consumer Trick that’s No Treat


Sen. Begich Delivers Anti-Frankenfish Buttons to Senators

Using Halloween to raise awareness of the risks posed by genetically-engineered (GE) fish, known as Frankenfish, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich and his staff delivered "No Frankenfish" buttons to every Senate office on Capitol Hill today.

"Turning the genes of salmon into a genetic super-growth formula sounds like a plot for the next Deep Blue Sea, Jaws or some other horror movie," said Sen. Begich. "Wild caught, well managed salmon is one of our nation's richest resources and best foods. There's no need to create fake Frankenfish to try and replace it."

The buttons came attached with a "scary note" about the dangers of Frankenfish. Begich is using the buttons to get the attention of Senators who have not heard of the FDA's possible approval of genetically-engineered fish for distribution and consumption.

"I'll continue to fight against Frankenfish because the biggest scare families get on Halloween night could come from their dinner plate, not the trick-or-treaters on the front porch," said Sen. Begich.

Begich's latest bill to block GE Salmon would ban the interstate commerce of Frankenfish.  S.1717 is scheduled for markup by the Senate Commerce Committee Wednesday.

Additional Items:

Photos: Of Sen. Begich's "trick-or-treating" on Flickr here.

Button: You can see an image of the button here.

Scary Note: You can read Sen. Begich's "Scary Note" here.

Make Your Own Buttons: Alaskans with a button maker can wear their own button while "trick-or-treating" with this template.

Bumper Sticker: Alaskans can download a bumper sticker sized "No Frankenfish" sign here.


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