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Dana Stabenow's Star Svensdotter trilogy now available as eBooks!


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The Star Svensdotter trilogy returns!

Second Star


Before Kate, before Liam, there was Star.  Originally published in paperback in 1991, out of print since at least 1996, we're giving away this first eBook in the trilogy absolutely free!*

In the near future, Star Svensdotter is construction boss on Ellfive, a space colony orbiting the earth at Lagrange Point Five.  She is determined to have it open for Terran colonists on time and on budget, in spite of Luddite terrorists, a power-hungry Space Patrol commandant, a shifty-seeming new security supervisor, and a mouthy habitat computer.

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*Free on stabenow.com and iBooks, 99 cents on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Because that's who they are.

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A Handful of Stars


With Ellfive on line, Star Svensdotter heads out to the Asteroid Belt in search of the raw materials needed for the second habitat.  She has two ships, solid financial backing from the First National Bank of Terranova and the blessing of the Terran Alliance. All the usual suspects return (the ones who aren't dead yet, anyway), and even Star’s mother is along for the ride. What could possibly go wrong?

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Red Planet Run


What with turning Brother Moses green and all, the twins have made the Asteroid Belt too hot to hold them, so Star takes Paddy and Sean to Mars.  In a balloon.  Mars isn't quite as lifeless as Star had been led to expect, starting with Johnny Ozone, a Russian colony in a splosh crater, and the exoarcheologists at Cydonia.  Not to mention that ex-Space Patrol renegade, mass murderer and all-around badass, Kwan...

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