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Coalition Forming to Meet Demand for Clean, Affordable, Renewable Energy


Regional Energy Storage Summit Announced The Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) is hosting a Regional Energy Summit on November 18, 2011 in Victoria, BC.  The summit will focus on current energy storage projects in the region, highlight related projects of significance outside the region and complete the structuring of PNWER's new Energy Storage Coalition.

The Energy Storage Coalition is designed to expand the role of energy storage in creating a more affordable, clean, and reliable electric power system in the Pacific Northwest. The coalition is a public-private partnership representing the region's diverse mix of energy storage technology manufacturers, renewable energy manufacturers/developers, utilities and policy makers.

Energy storage is key to meeting our region's renewable energy goals. According to a recent KEMA study* without better energy storage options we cannot go beyond 20% of electricity coming from renewable energy sources and still have consistent access to electricity.

"We don't' know when the wind will blow or the sun will shine. Energy storage technologies are needed to keep the lights on," said State Rep. Jeff Morris D-WA. Currently traditional, non-renewable energy sources balance out the highs and lows.

"As a policy maker it is critical that we advance enabling technologies like energy storage at the same pace we advance renewable energy," said State Rep. George Eskridge R-ID.

"The Pacific Northwest is at the forefront of renewable energy development. Washington is one of the top North American producers of wind energy with Oregon close behind," Rep. Morris. "But without a way to store that energy, the value is greatly diminished."

Earlier this year a study** from U.S. analyst Pike Research estimated the potential market for energy storage systems at $122bn by 2021. The Pacific Northwest has many local companies trying to grab a share of that $122bn.

"We need to have a coalition to serve as a clearing house of information so that storage technology owners, project developers, utilities and government can come together and share what is working and why," said James Holbery, Ph.D  the CEO of GridMobility.

The Regional Energy Summit will feature presentations from innovators in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon as well as from industry leaders with projects in Texas, Hawaii and California. It will take place at the Fairmont Empress Hotel from 10am - 4pm and includes lunch. Summit attendance also provides access to a PNWER reception at 6pm.

For more information on the summit visit... http://www.pnwer.org/energyhorizon/EnergyStorage.aspx.

*"Research Evaluation of Wind Generation, Solar Generation, an Storage Impact on the California Grid."  http://www.energy.ca.gov/2010publications/CEC-500-2010-010/CEC-500-2010-010.PDF

** http://www.pikeresearch.com/newsroom/global-investment-in-energy-storage-technologies-to-reach-122-billion-by-2021

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