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Anchorage named by USAA, military.com as second-best medium-sized city in the U.S. for military retirees to launch second career


Criteria include employment opportunities, low crime rates

ANCHORAGE- The Municipality of Anchorage is the second-best medium-sized location
in the country for military retirees to launch post-service careers, according to a new
study commissioned by USAA and military.com.

Criteria used to develop the top ten list included: employment opportunities for military
retirees; low crime rates; proximity to a military base and VA medical care; state taxation
policy on military pensions; and quality of life issues like overall affordability and housing
costs, among others.

“This is great news for a community that values its veterans as much as Anchorage,”
said Mayor Dan Sullivan. “We all benefit when our retiring service members decide to
call Anchorage home for good, and this new study reaffirms why: job opportunities, low
crime rates and an active and thriving military base.”

Rounding out the “Best Places for Military Retirement: Second Careers” list are:

1. Manchester, NH           6. Rockingham County, NH
2. Anchorage, AK            7. York, PA
3. Killeen, TX                   8. Roanoke, VA
4. Huntsville, AL               9. Topeka, KS
5. Ann Arbor, MI           10. Lexington, KY

According to the Dept. of Defense, there are approximately 2 million military retirees as
of 2010: 73 percent enlisted and 27 percent officers. They generally retire from the
service early in life at the average ages of 39 for enlisted service members and 46 for

The U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs estimates that as of the latest census, Alaska is home
to 71,552 veterans, which at 17 percent of the population is the highest per capita
veteran population in the nation.

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