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Anchorage manufacturing business announces expansion to South Dakota


(Anchorage, AK) An Anchorage construction and manufacturing company announced an expansion into the lower-48 to take advantage of the oil boom in North Dakota. Builders Choice is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of modular construction used throughout Alaska. Builders Choice President Mark Larson said the company is opening a new 48,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Vermillion, South Dakota with plans to hire up to 60 workers.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Builders Choice to export Alaska technology and bring the profits home to Anchorage,” Larson said. “We have a proven track record of delivering excellent quality products that can withstand extreme conditions and look forward to a successful venture in the Dakotas.”

Since the company was established in 1996, Builders Choice products are used throughout Alaska including the North Slope oil fields, remote mining developments and schools and housing units in rural Alaska. Recent projects include the Alyeska Employee Housing in Girdwood, the 116-bed camp for ENI Petroleum on Spy Island and the Kensington Mine dormitories outside of Juneau.

In 2005, Builders Choice opened its manufacturing plant in South Anchorage where large components of the structures are built in a controlled indoor environment and then shipped to the job site for assembly. From wall panels to roof trusses, the modules benefit from state-of-the-art equipment meeting the high standards of quality control. Builders Choice modules are built in one-third the time of traditional construction, using less resources and reducing waste. In the end, customers save time and money with the assurance of high quality products that stand the test of time.

“Our process is streamlined to maximize efficiency and save money for our customers,” Larson said. “At the same time, we are able to ensure each product meets our high standards of quality. Our track record speaks for itself and consistent customer satisfaction has allowed us to expand into new markets and take advantage of emerging opportunities.”

The plant in Vermillion will be similar in size and design to the Anchorage plant. Builders Choice chose the Vermillion location because of the city’s enthusiastic support for the expansion and the availability of a skilled workforce. The plant is expected to be fully operational by the end of year.

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