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Alaskan Artist Brings Time Bandit to Life


Alaska used to be a state that was considered remote, inaccessible and barely inhibited according to per capita statistics. However, over the last decade Alaska has become mainstream and no matter whether you’re listening to Headline News or watching The Discovery Channel, Alaska is on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

The advancement in media has allowed Alaska to take center stage and a spotlight has been shone on some of the amazing people who live and work in the Last Frontier. Amongst the Alaskans to achieve popularity is TV Show, The Deadliest Catch who The Discovery Channel, in reality TV show fashion, captures some of the toughest men on the planet conducting business in one of the deadliest fields… deep sea crabbing.

The Time Bandit which is commandeered with one of the most loved crews to make their appearance since the inception of reality TV, the Hilstrand Brothers and their hard working, fun loving deckhands. What few may realize is how this crew in particular stays true to their roots of being Alaskans and love to support locally owned businesses.

Recently, Edward “Eddie” Uwekoolani, was asked to go on The Captains Tour to promote the Discovery Channels “The Deadliest Catch”. Eddie purchased a 2011 Chevy Camaro and wanted to have it custom painted for the tour. When it came time to decide who to entrust this dream car to he turned to local Alaskan art studio, Ottworks Custom Paint based out of Wasilla, Alaska. It was important to Eddie to keep his business in Alaska and bring attention to the fact that while Alaska may be somewhat disconnected from the lower forty eight states they are anything but behind.

The expression of human creativity and imagination is never more truly applied than when Ken Ottinger of Ottworks Custom Paint Studio transforms a surface into a multi-dimensional landscape. His ability to capture images, blend paints and bring to life ordinary metal through his air brushing art has created quite a sensation in South Central Alaska making him the most sought out artist for painting classic cars, sports cars, airplanes, motorcycles and other metals. Ken’s mastery of his art has left few competing artists in his wake.

When Ken designed the image for the Time Bandit Camaro it was important to him to incorporate the essence of the boat and crew. He chose the image of the sea to reflect the violent conditions these men work in; the pirate skull to stay true to the “Jolly Roger” feel of the boat and the pocket watch with no hands to play on the words “Time Bandit”. As an added touch Ken painted the engine cover as well with skull images so that the car rang with the theme inside and out. Ken used House of Kolor paints and free-hand painted the entire design on both the driver and side panels of the car as well as the hood.

What’s next for this artist? The next big project Ken will be working on is probably his favorite yet. He has been asked to custom paint an acoustic guitar with a Time Bandit theme for the Ally House Foundation, an organization that raises funds to help support families struggling with children who have cancer. The guitar will be auctioned off during the Toby Keith benefit concert in 2012.

For more information about Ottworks Custom Paint Studio we recommend checking out his website at www.ottworkscustompaint.com .

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