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Alaska Symphony of Seafood Call for Products


Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation Announces Dates for the 19th Annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood

Call for Products to enter the contest now available

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Monday, November 28, 2011) — Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF) announced today that they will hold the judging event and reception for their 19th Annual  Alaska Symphony of Seafood new products contest in Seattle on Thursday, February 2, 2012, followed by their Gala Soirée and Awards Ceremony in Anchorage on Friday, February 10, 2012.

The event’s multiple locations give fisheries and seafood promoters the opportunity to introduce new and innovative value-added seafood products from Alaska fisheries and gain exposure with industry and culinary experts, seafood distributors, and national media. The overall goal is to inspire better use and innovation of Alaska’s natural seafood resources.

“We are proud to announce that we will be putting on the 19th Annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood this year in Seattle and Anchorage,” said Jim Browning, Executive Director of AFDF.  “We’ve had to rely on industry sponsorship to a much greater degree this year as grant funding has declined, and we’ve seen our regular sponsors increase their sponsorship level as well as new companies step up to support this popular and successful event featuring new Alaska seafood products!”

Each participant in the contest is grouped into one of three categories: Retail (salmon, whitefish or shellfish), Foodservice (salmon, whitefish or shellfish) or Smoked Products. Product entries are then individually evaluated by a panel of expert judges during a private judging session. Evaluations are based on the product’s packaging and presentation, overall eating experience, price and potential for commercial success.

After the judges are finished reviewing and tasting the products, the chefs, manufacturers, buyers, sellers and media are also invited to vote on their favorite product at the Seattle reception. This “Seattle People’s Choice Award” will be announced at the end of the event in Seattle on February 2, 2012.

The overall grand prize, first, second and third place winners of each category are kept confidential until February 10th, when the results are announced at the Gala Soirée in Anchorage, Alaska.  The “Anchorage People’s Choice Award” will also be announced. First place winners from each category receive complimentary booth space at the International Boston Seafood Show in March 2012, the industry’s biggest event of the year, as well as free airfare to and from the show.

Call for Products is now available online at http://www.symphonyofseafood.com/. The deadline for consideration in this year’s competition is Friday, January 6, 2012. Considered products must be market ready (in commercial production) by the date of the competition.

The Seattle reception is by invitation only in recognition of Seattle’s role in the fishing industry and its many friends in the market, transportation and service sectors.

For more information visit http://www.symphonyofseafood.com/. or contact Val Motley: 206-352-3922, val@symphonyofseafood.com.

About Alaska Symphony of Seafood

Since 1993, Alaska Symphony of Seafood has celebrated creative and innovative ideas in the seafood industry, bringing together a host of new products before a panel of judges and the public. It was created by AFDF to promote new product development for seafood harvested in Alaskan waters by encouraging participation and sponsorship from a wide variety of companies and organizations that together, are building the future of the Alaska fishing industry. 

For more information, visit http://www.symphonyofseafood.com/.

About Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation

Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF) is a private, non-profit organization chartered in 1978 for the purpose of developing infrastructure, and turning challenges into opportunity for Alaska's commercial seafood industry.  For over 33 years, AFDF has been supporting Alaska’s commercial fishing industry and developing new methods to increase the value of Alaska seafood through better handling, processing, and transporting of Alaska seafood products.

For more information, visit www.afdf.org.

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