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Alaska Outlaw Cards, 3rd Edition Now Released


The Outlaws are back. After reloading, Alaska's Outlaws, Rebels and Cons playing cards have returned with a brand new edition. Their mischief includes 17 new intriguing characters including a Rhodes Scholar, a stripper, militia men, bikers and some monkeys – as well as some of the latest obvious suspects.

 Alaska Outlaw Cards, the best-selling state-themed playing cards in Alaska, give a unique view of the state’s underbelly. Alaska’s past (and present) is riddled with rebels and firebrands – those who have bucked the establishment, lived outside the law or swindled Alaskans with old-fashioned luck and charm.

Both humorous and informative, each card bares a visual depiction of a culprit along with a brief rundown of at least one of their heinous acts or crimes. The Alaska Outlaw Cards are a perfect novelty gift (or stocking stuffer) for locals, visitors and Alaskana collectors. The third edition includes 17 new characters as well as new art for a distinctive new look,, also making it the perfect collector’s item for those who have other editions. Since the first edition was released in 2008, Alaska Outlaw Cards have sold over 15,000 decks.

Additionally, Alaska Outlaw Cards has teamed up with Alaska Distillery to brand the Alaska Outlaw Whiskey, now widely available. The iconic “Outlaw Soapy Smith” image is branded on T-shirts, hoodies, shot glasses and more to add to the unique lineup of Alaska Outlaw products.

The Alaska Outlaw Cards are created, designed and owned by Alaskans.

For more information on all Alaska Outlaw products, go to alaskaoutlaws.com.

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