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Alaska Aviation System - Largest in North America


(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) –Alaska has the largest aviation system in North America with more than 700 registered airports supporting over 10,000 pilots. The first annual executive summary of the ongoing Alaska Aviation System Plan (AASP) has just been released, providing a snapshot of current and completed projects while highlighting future goals.

To date, the AASP has accomplished an analysis of critical issues facing Alaska’s aviation system; development of the mission, goals, and performance measures of the aviation system; airport classifications; the AASP web site; an aviation facility inventory database available through the web site; aviation activity forecasts; economic impact studies of the aviation industry statewide; and special studies to support decision making on issues such as airport maintenance and operations, air mail service, and the role of Statewide Aviation.

Aviation stakeholders, including the Governor’s Aviation Advisory Board, have committed many hours to assisting with the continuous planning approach. This allows for the ongoing evaluation and development of strategies that improve day-to-day operations while ensuring clear and workable standards to measure goal achievements and performance.

“The overarching purpose of the AASP is to promote safety and efficiency within one of Alaska’s most critical transportation capabilities – our aviation system,” said Steve Hatter, Deputy Commissioner of Aviation.

The AASP web site (www.AlaskaASP.com) is a valuable resource housing reports, fact sheets, and the aviation facility information directory produced by the plan. The fully-evolved web site will become a one-stop-shop for pilots and airport enthusiasts to find mapping, photos, data, and interactive reporting features.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities oversees 254 airports, 11 ferries serving 33 communities, 5,700 miles of highway and 660 public facilities throughout the state of Alaska. The mission of ADOT&PF is to “Get Alaska Moving through service and infrastructure.”

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