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Three-in-Four Millennial Male Gamers Say They Influence Family & Friends on All Things Gaming

Aren't Thrilled with 'Gamer' as a Label

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Giant Realm, Inc. (www.GiantRealm.com), a leader in delivering young male first movers to advertisers via its premier entertainment enthusiast communities, today released the results of its quarterly Giant Realm GuyPulseTM. Conducted in October, the survey of more than 490 male gamers between the ages of 18-34 revealed that three-quarters (73.3%) say they're the ones family and friends turn to for opinions and answers on all things gaming.

"Gamers expect to be entertained by and engage with ad creative, and marketers who take this notion to heart are the ones that find success. Know who you're talking to, and don't let your audience down."

The respondent base of gamers (young men who indicated they play video games) engages in a variety of activities to stay informed on the video games front. More than one-third (35.9%) visit gaming-related resource websites at least once or twice per month and one-fifth (21.6%) visit at least a few times a week. Millennial male gamers dabble in the gaming blogosphere and are social influencers too, as nearly one-in-three (31.1%) actively blog, comment on blogs and/or follow blogs at least once or twice per month.

The survey also gauged gamer sentiments on the word 'gamer' itself, which as a term is traditionally used as a marketing segment label and in advertising messages. Just two-in-five (39.9%) respondents say "it's what I am" and like the term, while slightly more than half (53.3%) say they either don't like it or have no opinion on the word. Interestingly, only one-quarter (27.0%) of gamers consider other demographic audiences (e.g., parents, children) who play mass-appeal video game titles to be gamers. Three-fifths (60.5%) say audiences who play these types of games are not gamers at all - just "casual gamers" at best, or that they may be gamers depending on level of interest and gaming knowledge.

Gamers continue to be active and spend outside of video games: when asked about behavior within the last week alone, half (52.2%) say they have been out with friends; 43.2% have been out to eat at restaurants; one-quarter (27.8%) have been to movie theaters and one-quarter (25.9%) have purchased a DVD or Blu-ray title.

Gamers also have strong opinions on creative ad executions they see on gaming websites - and these opinions differ dependent on the product category. Nearly one-third (31.2%) of respondents think the graphics or videos in online ads for items such as food, drinks, etc. on gaming-related sites/blogs are "lame." This distaste for ad creative of non-gaming products increases with the amount of time a respondent spends gaming during a typical week, going from 18.2% among 'light use' to 41.7% among 'heavy use' respondents. Gaming-related ads on gaming websites have it much better: respondents overall think these ads are cool (25.7%) or okay (49.6%). Only 11.6% think they're "lame."

"There's an opportunity for online advertisers, especially those outside of the gaming arena, to rethink their creative tactics in addressing young men," said Ryan Kahn, Sales Director of Giant Realm. "Gamers expect to be entertained by and engage with ad creative, and marketers who take this notion to heart are the ones that find success. Know who you're talking to, and don't let your audience down."

About Giant Realm

Giant Realm, Inc. is a rapidly-growing media company that helps marketers reach the coveted and elusive 18 to 34-year old male online. Exclusively representing a publisher group of more than 70 premium destinations, Giant Realm delivers authentic content and caters to communities across a variety of popular entertainment categories. Launched in 2007 and originally focused on video game communities, the company has expanded into film, television, sports, comics, humor and lifestyle. Giant Realm currently reaches millions of guys worldwide every month and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Burst Media Corporation. Visit www.giantrealm.com for more information.

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