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The New Members of the 112th Congress


Two weeks after the election, one Senate race and five House races remain undecided.[1] Although these races are still close too call, we already know that at least 16 new Senators and at least 93 new members of the House of Representatives will be seated as members of the 112th Congress in January 2011.  This document, our third post-election Policy Update, begins to introduce these new Members.  New Members of the Senate are listed alphabetically by state.  New Members of the House of Representatives are listed alphabetically by state, then numerically by Congressional District within that state. 

In the Senate, 13 of the new members are Republicans.  That number could rise to 14 if the Alaska elect count trend changes and if Joe Miller is elected.  In that event, 14 of the new members are Republicans.  Three of the new Senators are Democrats.  One of these new Members is a former United States Senator; two were Governors; six were Members of the United States House of Representatives (seven counting Dan Coats of Illinois who previously served in both the Senate and the House); two were state Attorneys General; one was a Speaker of the state legislature; one was a county executive; and three have not previously held elected office.

The United States House of Representatives will consist of at least 93 new Members, with five races yet to be decided.  Of these 93 new Members, 84 are Republicans (for a current total of 240 Republicans) and 9 are Democrats (for a current total of 190 Democrats).  Five of the new Members previously served in the United States House of Representatives; one was a state Secretary of State; one was a Lieutenant Governor; one was a sheriff; five were mayors; two were members of city councils; one was a United States Attorney; forty-one served in state legislatures; and thirty-two never before held elected office.

Click here to view descriptions of the new Members of the 112th Congress.

[1] As of 5:00 p.m. on November 16th, one Senate race remains undecided: Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) versus Joe Miller (R-AK).  Five House races remain undecided: CA-11 (Cong. McNerney); CA-20 (Cong. Costa); IL-8 (Cong. Bean); NY-1 (Cong. Bishop); and NY-25 (Cong. Maffei).

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