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State Raises Concerns About Ballot Security; Court Transfers Miller Case to Juneau


Anchorage, Alaska. November 29, 2010 -- Today, Superior Court Judge Doug Blankenship issued a ruling transferring the election standards case to Juneau. The Judge ruled that venue was proper in Fairbanks, Alaska, but he raised concerns about the many possible questions of fact that could be raised that would require a judge to personally review hundreds of ballots. In a somewhat troubling argument, the State of Alaska argued that it could not guarantee the chain of custody and security of the ballots if they were shipped from Juneau to Fairbanks. “We all paused when the state Attorney General admitted to having security concerns about the ballots. We simply assumed the same security measures used to transport the ballots from Fairbanks (and from throughout the state of Alaska) to Juneau after they were cast would be used to transfer ballots from Juneau to Fairbanks, if that were necessary,” said Joe Miller. “But there was a noticeable quiet in the courtroom when the state’s attorney questioned their own ability to secure these ballots. We don’t know what to make of this at the moment,” Miller concluded. In light of the State’s admitted security concerns, and its concerns about leaving the ballots in Juneau, the Miller campaign will not seek any review of the court’s decision today. “I think the important issue here is a question of law. Our main concern is a fair and accurate vote count, consistent with state law, is the outcome of these legal proceedings, whether in Fairbanks or Juneau,” said Miller campaign counsel Thomas Van Flein. 
A status conference has been set for Wednesday afternoon in Juneau.
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