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NEWSLETTER: November 4, 2010

From John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO

For months, our nation's political landscape has been rocky, and on Election Day the voters made their feelings known at the polls. While there's been a political shake-up, one thing remains the same: Small Business Majority is committed to engaging policymakers on both sides of the aisle on issues small business owners care about-from healthcare reform implementation to clean energy and access to capital. 

In our ongoing effort to keep the small business community up-to-date on important issues, we've recently expanded our online presence. You can now follow Small Business Majority's work on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook and LinkedIn. We also gave our website a face-lift, and we encourage you to check it out when you have a chance.

As we near the end of 2010, issues such as healthcare reform, clean energy and jumpstarting our economy will remain in the national spotlight. As always, we will keep you informed and connected as we move forward, together. Updates on our work are available at www.smallbusinessmajority.org.

Small business and healthcare reform: healthcare implementation

Small Business Majority has been heavily focused on healthcare reform implementation and education-conducting listening tours and working with small business owners and organizations across the country to inform them about the new law and its impact on the small business community. States now have the monumental task of implementing much of the new law. California recently took the first step by passing legislation to create its health insurance exchange, and we're committed to helping stakeholders in other states as they begin developing theirs.

We've found tremendous interest among small business owners to learn about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). On Oct. 28, California Outreach Manager David Chase, along with Micah Weinberg from the New America Foundation, held an interactive web discussion on the new healthcare reform law and what it means for small businesses. They also spoke at the San Joaquin Hispanic Chamber in Stockton on Oct. 12, covering topics such as small business tax credits, cost containment and the creation of the state's health insurance exchange. CEO John Arensmeyer covered similar topics during a presentation at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 6. David Chase has also been busy meeting with business groups across the state, educating them about the law's impact on small businesses. For more information on California's recently-passed exchange legislation, click here.

National Policy Director Terry Gardiner has been actively educating small business owners and policymakers around the country on the PPACA-specifically on the establishment of state exchanges. Terry took a lead role in developing detailed comments on behalf of a consortium of business organizations for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on the establishment of the exchanges. On Oct. 22, he was a panelist in a briefing co-sponsored by the Alliance for Health Reform and The Commonwealth Fund on the provisions of healthcare reform and, in particular, the establishment of state insurance exchanges. Terry also provided an overview of how states can engage employers in healthcare reform efforts during a Sept. 28 National Academy of State Health Policy webinar, and on Sept. 23, he was a panelist at the World Congress Leadership Summit on Health Care Reform.

National Outreach Manager Rhett Buttle recently visited New Mexico, Nevada and Utah to speak to small business owners about the PPACA. He spoke at the Hispano Chamber in Albuquerque, NM, met with representatives from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce in Nevada and participated in a conference on how to implement the new healthcare law in Utah.

Clean Energy

On Oct. 18, Small Business Majority released an in-depth report on California's Global Warming Solutions Act, commonly referred to as AB 32. Focusing on the opportunities the law provides to the state's small businesses, the study found that AB 32 will increase investments in California's clean energy sector, pass on energy savings to consumers and entrepreneurs and spur new innovation. It also concluded that these direct benefits will ultimately create new jobs and help improve small businesses' bottom lines. Read about how California small business owners have already made the most out of the law.

At the federal level, Small Business Majority continues supporting commonsense measures that unleash new innovation and promote long-term economic growth, such as the Clean Air Act, which is enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency. Small Business Majority recently filed a declaration opposing a stay of EPA's authority to limit greenhouse gas emissions so we can keep the Clean Air Act's progress on course. Allowing the EPA to do its job and limit pollutants is a policy Small Business Majority and other business organizations support, and entrepreneurs across the nation are making it clear any effort to dismantle the Clean Air Act will reverse years of sustainable economic growth.

Small Business Majority network entrepreneur in the news

A Philadelphia small business owner in our network-Ken Weinstein-was featured in a Wall Street Journal article on Nov. 2, which states that the number of small businesses offering health insurance to their workers is projected to increase sharply this year because of the small business tax credits. Like many other small business owners, Ken is enthusiastic about his ability to finally provide health insurance to his employees and possibly even to his contractors-all thanks to the tax credits made available this year through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

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