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Monitoring Part of U.S. Environmental Standards

The Associated Press (AP ) recently published a news story regarding last months tragedy in Hungary.  As part of its report, AP concluded that due to environmental regulations in the United States, along with differing storage methods among other things, such a disaster in North America would be unlikely.  Read more...

Pebble in the News_C5R2826

KTUU Channel 2, recently aired a three-part series regarding the Pebble project. 

The series, reported by Lori Tipton, included an overview of work at the project site, interviews with locals from Southwest Alaska and an evaluation of the advertising currently in circulation.
Review the series...

Handy links:

Alaska Resource Development Council

Alaska Miners Association

United States Geological Society

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Alaska Department of Mining, Land and Water

Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Truth About Pebble

Aaska Resource Education

The Pebble Partnership
3201 C Street, Suite 604
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
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