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Frank G. Weiss, Vice President and General Manager, Engineering


Frank G. Weiss joined ASRC Energy Services (AES) in October 2010 as Vice President and General Manager of Engineering. Frank brings more than 30 years of experience in engineering, construction coordination, project management, and field operations in the oil and gas production, transportation, refining, and product distribution industries.

Before joining AES, Frank was president and general manager of Alaska Anvil, Inc. He was a project manager for Anvil Corporation in Bellingham, Washington and came to Alaska in 1988 to establish Anvil Corporation’s Alaska-based business. He worked as an area engineer for Tenneco Oil Exploration and Production in Denver, Colorado, a petroleum/production engineer for Gulf Oil in Wyoming, and as a field completion engineer for Gulf Oil in Utah.

Frank sits on the Advisory Board of UAF College of Engineering and Mines and UAA School of Engineering, Science and Project Management program. He served two consecutive terms on the Board of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance and is a long-time member of the Resource Development Council and the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce.

Frank holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Wyoming.

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