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Commonwealth North Launches New Oil Investment Tax Structure Study



Alaska Oil Investment Tax Structure Study To the Members of Commonwealth North,

Our Board of Directors has implemented a new study on Oil Investment Tax Structure. The board will meet to receive briefings and presentations, and discuss the issue every Tuesday morning until February. Commonwealth North members are welcome to attend these meetings. This will be a members-only study. I ask any members interested in attending to give me a call or send me an email to rsvp so I can organize the meeting. The location may be affected by the number of attendees.

On November 16, at the Commonwealth North Board of Directors meeting, the board had a spirited discussion on Alaska's economy and the role our tax structure plays in our economy, specifically concerning revenues and taxation of oil.

In March 2010, the Board of Directors passed Resolution 2010-2 titled, Commonwealth North: Facing the Facts, Confronting the Future, Taking a Stand. This resolution resolved that, "the Alaska Legislature and Governor should establish policy, amend law and reform regulations to substantially incentivize investment and increase the competitiveness of Alaska relative to other oil and gas basins, so that creation of revenue and jobs for Alaskans and opportunities for Alaska businesses will be sustained for generations of Alaskans to come."

It is the tradition of Commonwealth North to make studied responses and recommendations to Alaskans and Alaska's policy makers. Our goal is to have an acutely targeted study to address oil investment tax structure that will be able to provide insight to policy-makers prior to the beginning of the 2011 legislative session.

The Charge:
It is the responsibility of Alaskans to ensure the State establishes a fiscal and tax structure that does not inhibit growth. Commonwealth North will conduct a study to determine if and to what extent investment in Alaska's oil resources is conducive under the current oil tax structure and what action may be taken to establish tax policy, amend law, and reform regulations to re-incentivize investment and increase the competitiveness of Alaska relative to other oil basins.

We will be posting some information on our website, but a substantial amount of the study data will be reserved for members only.

I look forward to seeing you! Please remember to rsvp to me at exec@commonwealthnorth.org or leave a voicemail in my inbox at 562-1122.

Jim Egan
Executive Director
Commonwealth North

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Annual Commonwealth North Legislator Meet and Greet Thursday, December 16, 12-1:30pm
Captain Cook Hotel Ballroom
FORUM: Members Free, Guest $30
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Commonwealth North invites you to participate in our annual Alaska State Legislator meet and greet. In one-on-one table conversation with legislators, discuss your goals and insights into the big issues facing Alaska. As we approach a new legislative session in January, Alaskans are facing a number of important issues. Our Alaska State Legislators are being asked to make important public policy decisions that will affect Alaskans for years to come on gas line issues, health care, fiscal policy and much more. This is not a campaign, political debate, or cross-examination. It is an opportunity to discuss key issues with fellow well-informed, thoughtful Alaskans.

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Join Commonwealth North? What is in it for me? Register Now to Become a Member of Commonwealth North

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The purpose of Commonwealth North is to educate ourselves and Alaskans on significant public policy affecting Alaska and its future and assist in their resolution. The membership comprises a cross section of Alaskan leaders representing a broad and diverse array of opinions and perspectives.

  • As a member of Commonwealth North, you work with others who share your concerns for the long-term vitality of Alaska.
  • As a member of Commonwealth North, you help set the agenda for Alaska and its future.
  • As a member of Commonwealth North, you enjoy the prestige of being a part of an organization known for leadership, balance, and vision.
  • As a member of Commonwealth North, you hear important stimulating speakers on a wide range of topical issues at monthly member forums.
  • As a member of Commonwealth North, you join the ranks of Alaskan leaders from all sectors; people who can and do make a difference.
  • As a member of Commonwealth North, you will gain the knowledge of the policy issues affecting the state.
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