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Alaskans Confront Washington Bureaucrats Next Tuesday - Mackenzie Gas Moves From Prentice to Baird


Most of us -- all our lives -- have revered the many symbols of America: including the Uncle Sam character.  We have always assumed that our regulatory agencies were at least supposed to seek rational outcomes. 

Alaska has two years of hard evidence that our federal government is now in the hands of Strange Uncle Sams who pervert the rule of law and the intent of Congress.  Who are they?  They are the alphabet agencies led (or directed) by folks acting in arbitrary and capricious ways: the White House CEQ, DOI, DOC, BOEMRE, BLM, NOAA, USFWS, EPA, and even the formerly reliable but co-opted U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  

They clearly follow anti-resource development scripts.  While more and more citizens are onto their game, we must nevertheless continue to participate in their public hearings and comment periods -- knowing their kangaroo court intent -- for when we fail to show up the legal record tilts totally toward the socialist and environmental activists, leaving a legal rationale for closing down resource development and untold hundreds of thousands of family futures.  

We urge our readers to stay engaged in spite of disappointing federal management of our land, for too many have worked too hard and paid too high a price for us to give up.  Not writing comment letters and not appearing at the federal hearings is giving up.  Survival is at stake.  Outrage is justified.  Surrender is unthinkable.  Calm and strategic response is essential.

Please write. Please attend the meeting next Tuesday. Please testify! Here's how.

Dave Harbour, Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines
2440 E. Tudor Rd. | PMB #463 | Anchorage | AK | 99507 p1x1.gif

P.S.  Mackenzie Gas Pipeline portfolio changes hands in Canada!
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