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Alaskan Wilderness Lodge celebrates 30 years and a major International award


SADIE COVE, Alaska - This is the story of a woman from New York City (Randi - a successful photographer and model) and a man from San Francisco (Keith - an architectural consultant and author) who moved to Alaska independently of one another to discover what they each felt to be the last great wilderness of America. It is not a tragedy or a comedy nor is it meant to incite anyone to anger. It is simply a story of 2 people who, in their late 20's, sought their dream and found it in the wilderness and each other. It is the story of their tiny lodge becomming recognized by the World Travel Awards (www.worldtravelawards.com) as the #1 "Leading Green Resort" of the U.S. for 2 consecutive years against the stiff competition of resorts much larger and more well advertised. So, if you'd like to read (and report) about some good news and a life of adventure, have a seat and read on. If you are in a hurry, skip the next paragraph of history.

Each on their own paths, Keith began in 1971 by kayaking the ocean shores of Kachemak Bay to find land on which he could build a home. He found a perfect piece in Sadie Cove with a good building site and a year-round stream. He purchased it immediately. Randi began in 1985 by working at remote, fly-in fishing lodges - both summer and winter. They each spent their first years enjoying their new lives and finding delight in nature while learning the skills they needed in order to thrive in their wilderness locations. Keith built a small cabin on his newly acquired beach overlooking the waters so full of marine life and over the years continued to build until, in 1981, he opened his home as a full-service wilderness resort. He built solely by hand from driftwood that he collected from the neighboring beaches and a few supplies that he could afford in town - 10 kayak miles away. He milled the wood into lumber to build an extensive wharf and 7 cabins that now grace the hillside of Sadie Cove. He lived without electricity for 16 years until he built a hydroelectric system from a truck alternator and a bank of batteries. Braving winds of 70 to 90 mph in winter storms, having bears, wolverines, mink, ermines, whales, sea lions, seals, and sea otters visit his home from time to time, and enjoying blissful summers of sunshine and rich salmon runs, Keith found a new peaceful awareness in his life emeshed in nature. Randi worked at remote lodges in the Interior of Alaska as a chef and housekeeper having all sorts of new and exciting adventures including fishing for salmon, hunting for moose, runnning jet boats on the rivers, flying in float planes, having run-ins with Grizzly Bears, and chopping mountains of wood for the fireplace, until she longed for the company of a spouse which she found in the town of Homer. That is where she first met Keith Iverson in 1995. Keith and Randi fell in love and were married in 1997. They began to run the lodge as a team and developed a small website with the help of a friend. As the years went on, the website became more extensive and the lodge became more successful until today when it has been voted by travel professionals, first place "Leading Green Resort" for 2009 and 2010. The lodge has also been nominated for first place as "Leading Green Resort of the World" for 2010 - results to be announced in December. What a way to celebrate their 30th year in business! To share their celebration with others, they are offerring their 1981 rates for the summer of 2011.

In wining this award, Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge has risen above many other, much larger and more advertised accommodations showing that no matter how small a business might be, excellence in tourism is recognized and rewarded by it's industry peers and previous visitors. The most prestigious and sought after award program in the travel industry, the World Travel Awards have been described by the Wall Street Journal as "The travel industry's equivalent to the Oscars." Winners are determined by independant nominations and votes from travel professionals, former guests, and private individuals. Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge is the first accommodation in Alaska to ever win this award.

Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge has had an Eco theme ever since it's opening in 1981. Located on a privately owned beachfront parcel inside Kachemak Bay State Park, Sadie Cove Lodge is run solely on it's own system of non-polluting hydro-electric and wind power. Recycling and alternative uses for everyday objects further reduce the lodge's impact and guests are encouraged to "take only pictures and leave only footprints" while experiencing, first hand, a lifestyle that communes happily with nature and the local environment. 5 private, cabins, a main lodge, a dining hall, a magnificent wharf, a log cabin sauna and plunge pool, organic gardens, and a year-round stream grace the lodge's beach and hillside. Four of the guest cabins are built from hand-milled dirftwood and the fifth cabin is a rescued 45 foot sailboat. She is made of mahogany, teak, and brass and has been around the world twice. She now sits on the beach at Sadie Cove complete with fireplace and private deck.

The maximum amount of guests at the lodge is 10 while private parties of 6 or more have the entire lodge to themselves. Activities at the lodge include whale watching, bear viewing, glacier touring, wildlife photography, sea kayaking, fishing, hiking, beachcombing, backcountry tours, boating, or simply relaxing with a good book and basking in the alpenglow.

Over the years, Sadie Cove Lodge has been recognized as a leading green resort by many organizations and publications including Green Globe International, The International Ecotourism Association, Sustainable Travel International, CNN, Forbes, Conde Nast, Away.com, "E The Environmental Magazine", and many others. Lodge owners, Keith and Randi Iverson support local, National, and International environmental groups.

To further celebrate their awards and their 30th anniversary, the Iversons are offerring 1981 rates for the summer of 2011. There will be a $100 reduction in prices per person per night. More information can be found on the lodge website at www.sadiecove.com, by e-mailing mail@sadiecove.com, or by calling the Iversons directly at 907-235-2350.
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