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Repower Alaska Amplifies Thousands of Citizen Voices for Clean Energy and Climate Action on Historic Repower Wall


Nov. 2, 2009

Using a groundbreaking, multimedia approach, business, faith, military, science and environmental leaders join thousands of grassroots supporters to “add your voice”

Anchorage, AK – Today, the Alliance for Climate Protection’s Repower Alaska campaign unveiled a new campaign designed to demonstrate broad national consensus for action on clean energy and climate. An integrated multimedia effort supported by an online, field and advertising campaign, the new Repower effort centers around a virtual “Repower Wall,” where thousands of people have already uploaded messages of strong support for action to create clean energy jobs, safeguard America’s economic and national security future, and solve the climate crisis.  The Repower Wall is available at www.repoweramerica.org/wall

“Alaskans have joined thousands of voices from across America on the Repower Wall to express their support for swift action to address climate change and to transition to a new 21st century clean energy economy,” said Repower Alaska State Director Michael Points.  “The Repower Wall is becoming a hub for all Alaskans who want to see our economy grow and to start down a path toward a new energy future for Alaska and America.”

According to the Center for American Progress, transitioning to a clean energy economy will create more than 4,000 jobs here in Alaska while revitalizing our economy, strengthening our national security and breaking our dependence on foreign oil.

Already, more than 12,000 individuals have added their faces and voices to the Repower Wall, and more than 40 leading corporations and non-governmental organizations have contributed their logos to the effort – including Fortune 500 Companies like Nike, Gap, Inc., Avon, PepsiCo, Starbucks, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Staples, eBay and Exelon.

The Repower Wall includes many Alaskans from all backgrounds, such as business leaders, sportsmen and commercial fishermen. Some voices from Alaska include:

Alan, a commercial fisherman from Homer, Alaska: “Ocean acidification has been dubbed the evil twin of global climate change.  It’s a looming threat to our fisheries, our way of life and our economy for coastal communities of Alaska.  It’s imperative that we move toward a renewable energy future.”

Bob from Wasilla, Alaska, a commercial fisherman and a firsthand observer of devastating oil spills, he asks the inevitable question: “Besides, why should America borrow from China, and give it to the Middle East, to continue our nasty habit?”

Calling on people across the U.S. to add their own message of support to the Repower Wall, a combination of notable names and everyday Americans are featured in a pair of national television ads titled “Voices” and “Faces” that also began airing today.  The campaign has attracted a wave of messages from workers, business executives, military veterans, faith leaders, elected officials, entertainers, activists and people from across the country, demonstrating the deep and broad support for swift action on climate change and a transition to a new 21st century clean energy economy.  See a list of notable endorsements below.

As supporters upload their photos, videos and messages of support for clean energy and climate action, they actually become the voice of the campaign’s efforts on TV, in print, on billboards, online and in brand new forms of communication that will go directly to elected leaders. 

The Repower America campaign will roll out new versions of the television ads, featuring different participants, in the coming weeks. To learn more about the effort and view the television ads, visit the campaign web site: www.repoweramerica.org.



- North Face

- Gap, Inc.

- Seventh Generation

- Clif Bar and Company

- Levi Strauss Co.

- PepsiCo

- Avon

- Aspen Skiing Company


- Starbucks

- Whole Foods

- Exelon

- Veterans Energy

- Lifetime

- Nike

- Ebay

- Tom’s Shoes


- United Steel Workers

- National Farmers Union


- Blue Green Alliance

- Business Forward


- United Farm Workers

- Audubon

- Trout Unlimited

- Union of Concerned Scientists

- National Wildlife Federation

- Operation Freedom

- Vote Vets

- The Truman National Security Project

- Physicians for Social Responsibility

- Republicans for the environment

- WePlayGreenorg

- Sierra Club

- American Nurses’ Association


- Sheryl Crow

- General Brent Scowcroft

- Lt. General Claudia Kennedy

- John Donahoe, CEO of Ebay

- Ted Turner

- Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo

- General Wesley Clark

- Reverend Richard Cizik

- Theodore Roosevelt IV

- Sally Ride

- Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney (USMC)

- Andrea Wong, CEO of Lifetime

- Leo Gerard

- Mayor John Hickenlooper

- Mayor Shirley Franklin

- Mayor Mike Bloomberg

- Rev. Lennox Yearwood

- Dr. Peter Wilk

- Dr. Rebecca M. Patton


- Dr. Rajendra Pachuari

- Professor Stephen Hawking

- Eddy Moore, AR Business Leaders for a Clean Energy Economy

- Bill Keith, CEO Sunrise Solar

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