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ASCI Completes Widespread Software Installation Project for ConocoPhillips


ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Asset Management Services (AMS), a subsidiary of Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI), a global leader in supply chain management, announced today final implementation of Oniqua's OAS - Inventory software at 22 ConocoPhillips work sites.

The global implementation was approved by ConocoPhillips after extensive evaluation of the OAS Inventory software at three global pilot sites, where impressive ROI results were achieved and used to build a strong business case. AMS used the pilot sites' ERP system data to create a strong, global set of analysis processes to manage inventories consistently, while also accommodating local site needs and variations in ERP system setup.

Ultimately, the project came in 28% under the allocated budget and was completed well under the typical year it takes for an installation of this magnitude. The project commenced in September of 2008 and went live at all ConocoPhillips locations on April 1, 2009.

ConocoPhillips was able to realize immediate value and savings after OAS - Inventory installation, and the ROI of their investment, based on operational results to date, is expected to exceed 400%. Approximately 1.7 million items are currently under management control in ConocoPhillips' item catalogue worldwide.

"Because of this project's scale, ASCI used a multi-site, large system implementation methodology, expanding upon the single site approach used for the pilot projects. This successful tactic minimized impact on the user community, incorporated streamlined project governance, and sought out active participation and feedback from ConocoPhillips users at each site," said AMS/ASCI Director of Analytics Rick Magnuson. "Although a different approach was used in the single-site roll-outs, ASCI's methodology proved dynamic and flexible enough for easy adaptation at either single-site or complex, multi business-unit installations," Magnuson continued.

To facilitate smooth product-knowledge transfer, ASCI provided the project team with a set of pre-packaged business processes, set-up guidelines, and work flow recommendations to be adopted world-wide at ConocoPhillips. Such guidelines ensure product sustainability and continuity in executing the system across all business units.

For more information, please visit www.ascillc.com.

About Advanced Supply Chain International
ASCI, a high-performance supply chain and asset management firm, delivers efficiency and impressive return on investment when no one else can. Based in Anchorage, Alaska, since 1999, ASCI has a strong reputation for safety, highly skilled personnel, and consistent adaptation to new challenges. By incorporating solid strategy, planning, and state-of-the-art technology, ASCI has become a global leader in the delivery of supply chain and asset management solutions to asset-intensive industries.

Source: Advanced Supply Chain International
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