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Anchorage Centennial July 2015

Anchorage Centennial

From the shores of Ship Creek and Cook Inlet spawned a city, an anchorage to the last frontier, a construction camp for the railroad named by the US Postal Service, and it is an apt name. Anchorage is the anchor of Alaska.

June 2015

Truck Drivers Wanted in Alaska

That’s the big takeaway I got from talking to transportation leaders about key issues facing the industry. Labor and the economy were the two main challenges and recruiting drivers is a big deal. There’s not much I can do about the economy, so I thought I would try to help get the industry more drivers.

No Chicken Little, The Sky is Not Falling May 2015

No Chicken Little, The Sky is Not Falling

May Day! May Day! I remember writing about that a few years ago when Alaska was in jeopardy of losing big oil investments due to disagreeable taxation.

Arctic Council Chairmanship Passes to United States April 2015

Arctic Council Chairmanship Passes to United States

Before this month is over this year’s session of the Alaska State Legislature will be over. Ten days into March I’m wondering how much our elected officials can possibly accomplish by April 19—so little has been done so far.

The Arctic Issue March 2015

The Arctic Issue

This month we’ve put together another Arctic Issue, this year in March instead of February, with quite a sampling of content focusing on Arctic issues.

February 2015

Austerity for Alaska’s Prosperity

As I write this in mid-January oil continues going down—getting closer and closer to $40 a barrel by the day. There is no indication when it will stop or what will end up being collected from oil royalties this year.

January 2015

Thirty Years of Alaska Business Monthly

Last month we wrapped up thirty years of Alaska Business Monthly, which began with its first issue in January 1985 and has evolved over the years.

Goodbye 2014—Get Ready 2015 December 2014

Goodbye 2014—Get Ready 2015

Hard to imagine another year is about over already—it’s true though—we are at the end of 2014. As soon as I write this and we send the December magazine off to the printer we will start working on January for next year—2015. And things are going to change.

November 2014

Alaska to Scale

We all know Alaska is the largest state in the United States and that the abundance of natural resources has fostered an economy dependent on the development of those resources.

Top 49ers 2014 October 2014

Top 49ers 2014

We wondered what it would be like to go viral with Alaska Business Monthly’s Top 49ers, this year. We don’t want to crash our cloud; however, we would like a gazillion hits on our website.