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SurThrival in the Economy May 2016

SurThrival in the Economy

A lot of companies are worried about survival in the current economy—still others have an inkling they are going to survive and want to also thrive.

April 2016

Alaska’s Fiscal Frontier Springs Forward

In March the Alaska Legislature passed a nearly $9 billion FY17 Operating Budget and reduced the deficit by less than half a billion dollars.

March 2016

March Madness: Bracketing Alaska's Budget

By the time this March issue of Alaska Business Monthly is published the state may be close to passing the FY2017 Operating Budget. An interesting and unprecedented measure passed the Alaska State House of Representatives by a vote of 38-1 on February 8.

‘Engineers Make a World of Difference’ February 2016

‘Engineers Make a World of Difference’

What would we do without engineers? It would be impossible without them; with them—anything is possible.

Imagining a Happy New Year January 2016

Imagining a Happy New Year

Get Ready for the Big ‘R’ December 2015

Get Ready for the Big ‘R’

R starts a lot of words—good, bad, and indifferent—some words just are. The big “R” word Alaskans are holding their breath for these days is recession.

November 2015

Alaska Natural Resources Propel State Economy

Alaska is a natural resources state, which includes oil and gas, mining, forestry, fisheries, and tourism industries providing jobs and revenue to the overall economy as well as to state, local, and federal governments. There are two great conferences this month, and the November issue of Alaska Business Monthly is packed with natural resources articles.

October 2015

Top 49ers—All Alaska—Thirty-First Team 2015

It’s that time of year when Alaska Business Monthly reveals the largest Alaskan-owned, Alaska-based companies. It’s something the magazine has been doing since its first October issue in 1985.

September 2015

Alaska Native Impacts

Alaska Native Corporations continue to grow, as is evidenced in our annual Alaska Native Business special section

August 2015

Energy and Power Symbiotic synergy

One of the special sections this month is “Energy & Power” and the other is “Environmental Services,” and the two are somewhat synergetic.