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Welcome to our Second Annual Best of Alaska Business Issue! July 2017

Welcome to our Second Annual Best of Alaska Business Issue!

Being the best at anything is difficult. It’s easy to float through life, never taking chances, just getting the job done—but reaching the peaks of greatness requires a mix of initiative, ingenuity, strategy, and creativity. Being the best takes strength and the ability to think independently and take risks.

June 2017

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles or How I Arrived at “Alaska Business”

Spring in Alaska is like no other I’ve experienced. As the ice and last dregs of dirty snow disappear, surprising vistas emerge on a daily basis.

May 2017

Life is change

From the Alaska Business Monthly office, in a currently thawing midtown Anchorage, we can see the former Northern Lights Hotel as it undergoes what is probably its final transformation. This evolution will bring about the long overdue demolition of the forty-seven-year-old building, which, when built in 1970, was so state-of-the-art that it even had color television—in every room.

Corporate 100 Shines Again April 2017

Corporate 100 Shines Again

Congratulations to all the companies of the Corporate 100 this year for employing so many people in Alaska—89,329. That is a huge chunk of the Alaska workforce and close to 40 percent of estimated average monthly private employment. The diverse range of employers in the 2017 Corporate 100 gives readers an idea of the rich cross-section of companies operating in the state—there are many industries represented.

March 2017

Legislative Priorities and Legislative Action

This legislative session in Juneau is all about money and the state’s wallet, or it should be. Just as a reminder: Revenue is In and the Budget is Out. So far, not much legislative action has been taken that would create a balanced or sustainable budget.

Dream Big Alaska February 2017

Dream Big Alaska

February is a great month in Alaska, the days start getting longer, the session in Juneau gets into full swing, and Engineers Week encourages students to consider engineering as a profession. Engineers across the state, the nation, and the world deliver the DiscoverE message to Dream Big during Engineers Week, Girl Day, Global Day, and in its Future City competition.

Alaska Economic Outlook 2017 January 2017

Alaska Economic Outlook 2017

Happy New Year! We asked leaders across Alaska for their comments on the economic outlook for 2017, and the common theme is an optimistic outlook as long as there is proper legislative action taken and diversification of the economy. Alaska Business Monthly believes “Alaska Can Do It,” and we’re confident the business community will prosper.

Tip of the Iceberg Jeopardizing Alaska December 2016

Tip of the Iceberg Jeopardizing Alaska

When taking into consideration the critical state of the Alaska economy, it’s not just about the price of oil; it’s also about the amount of oil.

Vote November 2016


Vote this November in the General Election. Registered voters should turn out in force to make a difference with their votes. In the August Primary Election only 88,817 of 515,714 registered Alaska voters cast ballots—a 17.2 percent turnout. As an aside to contrast this year’s poor Primary Election participation, in Alaska’s 1992 General Election, 82.9 percent of registered voters cast ballots—the highest percentage of voters so far.

Best Places to Work in Alaska October 2016

Best Places to Work in Alaska

Hands down I would say this issue lists forty-nine of the best places to work in Alaska—our 2016 Top 49ers. Although, I should point out that we originally intended to expound on the First Annual Best of Alaska Business Awards winners of the Best Place to Work category, it just so happens that two of the three happen to be Top 49ers: First National Bank Alaska and Bristol Bay Native Corporation.