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Kuskokwim Ice Road: New Funding Necessary for Seasonal Highway June 2017

Kuskokwim Ice Road: New Funding Necessary for Seasonal Highway

As the sky turns pink with the approaching dawn on the shortest day of the year, a handful of people from villages along the Kuskokwim River head out onto a jumble of ice to start marking what will become a 250-mile-long frozen road linking villages from Nunapitchuk south of Bethel to Napaimute to the north.

You Light Up My Life (and Help Me Land Safely) April 2017

You Light Up My Life (and Help Me Land Safely)

Ever wonder what it would be like to land an airplane in the dark? You could envision such a scenario on a computer simulation or in a movie, but for all intents and purposes, a pilot requires some level of illumination to safely land a plane.

Crowley Maritime 125th Anniversary April 2017

Crowley Maritime 125th Anniversary

Contributing to the growth of Alaska over the past sixty-four years, this year Crowley Maritime celebrates its 125th year of successful operations worldwide.

International Connections: ANC Air Freight Gateway February 2017

International Connections: ANC Air Freight Gateway

It’s not an unusual day to see seventy or more cargo aircraft transiting Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport destined for international hubs. Despite Alaska’s waning economy Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) is a predictable economic engine and a solid International transportation player with a future.

Asia Now, Asia the Future for Alaska’s International Trade February 2017

Asia Now, Asia the Future for Alaska’s International Trade

What happens across the Pacific Ocean has always been important to Alaska’s export industries. For many decades, Alaska’s main international trade partners have been the major markets in Asia. As the late Alaska Governor Walter Hickel put it, “our political ties are with the United States, but our economic ties are with Asia.

Manufactured Exports from Alaska February 2017

Manufactured Exports from Alaska

All developed economies include a value-added sector; Alaska’s small but nationally competitive manufacturing is strong but narrow, with room to grow. Alaska’s notoriously high energy costs and remote location present unique operational challenges for any business owner, let alone those aspiring to export products overseas.

Ice Road to Tanana January 2017

Ice Road to Tanana

The Yukon River city of Tanana began seeing savings from its new road well before the grand opening of the new state highway in September 2016.

Alaska Railroad LNG Transport November 2016

Alaska Railroad LNG Transport

As snowflakes fell on a late-September morning, an Alaska Railroad freight train pulled in to the Fairbanks station. Although it was one of the railroad’s five regularly scheduled freight trains to the Interior city, this train also carried some groundbreaking cargo.

November 2016

Hanjin’s Insolvency

As many readers are aware, one of South Korea’s largest shipping companies, Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd., has filed for bankruptcy. The insolvency of Hanjin, which is the world’s seventh largest container line, will have a significant impact on the global transportation and retail sector. Shippers, charterers, freight forwarders, motor carriers, terminal operators, and commercial retailers are now scrambling to reroute $14 billion worth of cargo, which is packed into 540,000 containers and loaded onto any one of Hanjin’s 141 vessels (some owned, some chartered).

Heavy Haul Freight September 2016

Heavy Haul Freight