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Alaska's Future with Edison Chouest Offshore April 2018

Alaska's Future with Edison Chouest Offshore

In 2017, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company marked forty years of operating the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. And thanks to strong efforts by North Slope producers, last year also marked the second annual increase in TAPS throughput since 2002. Every new year brings new opportunities, new challenges, new milestones to accomplish.

Keeping Alaska Fueled Up March 2018

Keeping Alaska Fueled Up

Trying to keep customers warm and companies running in temperatures that can sometimes reach 50 below is challenging—especially in a business in which margins are small and competition fierce.

Economic Outlook 2018 January 2018

Economic Outlook 2018

Member of Alaska's business community weigh in on their perspectives for the coming year.

Trucks in the Tundra December 2017

Trucks in the Tundra

Alaska is all about transportation. It’s a factor in every potential resource development project; it’s a key component of building safe, functional communities; it’s the means by which Alaskan’s have access to oranges, candy canes, and Christmas trees. As Alaska’s industries advance and innovate new programs and techniques, the transportation industry has matured to transport all the materials those programs and techniques require.

Alaska Airlines Introduces New One-of-a-Kind October 2017

Alaska Airlines Introduces New One-of-a-Kind

Alaska Air Cargo is flying cargo around the state in the world’s first converted 737-700 freighter. The aircraft is the first ever to be converted from a “combi” (half cargo, half passenger plane) to an all-freight aircraft able to carry 42,000 pounds per flight.

Saved by Alaskans August 2017

Saved by Alaskans

Every year, hundreds of people—visitors and Alaskans alike—get lost or injured in the backcountry. Fortunately, thousands of highly trained search and rescue volunteers are ready and waiting to risk their lives to help save others.

Grace Greene: A leader for TOTE and a leader for Alaska June 2017

Grace Greene: A leader for TOTE and a leader for Alaska

Transportation is vital in the Last Frontier, particularly the transportation of goods into the state. By far, the majority of goods and materials for residential and commercial use are brought into the state by sea. TOTE Maritime Alaska has been working to keep Alaska well-supplied for more than forty years.

The Port of Nome: Rescoping and Moving Forward June 2017

The Port of Nome: Rescoping and Moving Forward

Much like the Port of Anchorage services more than the Municipality of Anchorage, the Port of Nome is vital infrastructure for Western Alaska. It was a particular disappointment for the region when Shell ceased exploration activities in the Chukchi Sea and the subsequent suspension of the Alaska Deep-Draft Arctic Port System Study, a multi-year examination of various options for port development in the Arctic.