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Matching Hardware to Needs  in IT Infrastructure April 2017
July 2016

Local Alaska IT

It’s not at all controversial to say that technology is an integral part of doing business, no matter a company’s size, industry, or location; however, for any Alaska business, there is an appropriate IT solution.

Commercial Drones Boost Fairbanks Startups July 2016

Commercial Drones Boost Fairbanks Startups

For the past decade, biologist John O’Brien of ERM Alaska has been looking for a way to use unmanned aircraft to count salmon in Alaska rivers. In October 2015, he finally got his chance. O’Brien met up with two people from a Fairbanks startup to compare a drone survey of salmon in Lignite Creek near Healy with a traditional helicopter survey. The experiment was a success.

March 2016

Alaska’s Can-Do Approach to Telecommunications

Overcoming the challenges of connecting Alaskans scattered in remote communities to each other and to the rest of the world has required both technological ingenuity and a commitment to provide service where networks are costly to build and maintain and customers are few.

November 2015

Mobile and Network Data Security

As data security threats evolve with the expanded use of technology, Alaska businesses are incorporating new strategies and solutions to protect their information—whether it’s on a computer network or mobile device.

November 2015

Cybersecurity: Leadership Challenges in the Cyber Threat Era

Computers represent one of those rare creations in history whose unforeseen effects cascade throughout society, leaving lasting change. Emergent technology, such as the printing press or gunpowder, can challenge the status quo by creating new paradigms for how nations conduct war and diplomacy.