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Alaska’s Seafood Processing Industry November 2015

Alaska’s Seafood Processing Industry

Alaska’s seafood processing industry is holding a steady course as 2015 winds down. Recognition of the industry has been growing over the last decade as economic analyses reflect a more inclusive view, counting both direct and indirect fiscal impacts.

Wild Alaska Salmon Advantages Go Beyond Taste and Texture June 2015

Wild Alaska Salmon Advantages Go Beyond Taste and Texture

Most people agree that competition is good for any industry, leading to innovation and efficiency. But try telling that to a glum-faced Alaska salmon fisherman circa 2000; it’d be a tough sell.

Patented Fish Grinder Designed in Alaska June 2015

Patented Fish Grinder Designed in Alaska

Alexandra West, staff engineer at PND Engineers, Inc. and University Honors College graduate with a civil engineering degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), was awarded US Patent 8,833,682 B2 for designing a water-powered fish carcass grinder aimed at lowering the interactions between fishermen and wildlife.

Seafood: Alaska’s Sustainable Bounty February 2015

Seafood: Alaska’s Sustainable Bounty

When counting fish, Alaska is a world class producer. In fact, if it were a separate country, Alaska would place among the top dozen fishing nations in the world and rank as the sixth largest seafood exporter.

January 2015

The Alaska Economy

The past thirty years witnessed Alaska’s economic growth through climbing and falling oil prices, growing pains of Alaska Native corporation prosperity, and a position in global logistics eyed by not only businesses but also the US military.

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