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Smart Building Technologies Building Automation Techniques Deployed in Alaska July 2015

Smart Building Technologies Building Automation Techniques Deployed in Alaska

Before the emergence of digital controls and smart building technologies, most buildings controlled the HVAC system—heating, ventilation, and air conditioning within the building—through a pneumatic or air-based control system. Most existing buildings still use pneumatic controls, limiting the opportunities to monitor the other systems of the building and often burning more energy in the process.

Trusses on the Tundra June 2015

Trusses on the Tundra

It’s cold and windy outside, a typical March day in Bethel, Alaska. The snowpack is thin on the windswept tundra. But it’s warm and cozy inside two new homes on Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway, heated only by construction lights.

John MacKinnon April 2015

John MacKinnon

Small models of bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, cement mixers, dump trucks, and other construction equipment line the windowsills of John MacKinnon’s office at Associated General Contractors (AGC) in Anchorage.

Innovations in Alaska Building Techniques February 2015

Innovations in Alaska Building Techniques

In Alaska, the lines between the natural and man-made world are beginning to blur, and old materials and ideas are resurfacing in leading-edge projects across the state.

January 2015

Oilfield HSE Compliance

Compliance is a hard word to write about. If you don’t believe me, try to define it.

January 2015

The Alaska Economy

The past thirty years witnessed Alaska’s economic growth through climbing and falling oil prices, growing pains of Alaska Native corporation prosperity, and a position in global logistics eyed by not only businesses but also the US military.

December 2014
Workforce Housing Needed December 2014

Workforce Housing Needed

In recent months, Alaska’s shortage of workforce housing, both market priced and affordable, has been thoroughly documented and well publicized.

December 2014
December 2014