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Alaska Business 2018 Spring Construction Round-Up March 2018

Alaska Business 2018 Spring Construction Round-Up

Infrastructure improvements and ever-evolving design innovations keep Alaska’s engineers, architects, contractors, and sub-contractors busy year-round. The state’s climate, unique road systems, and resource development industries call for nearly-constant upkeep meaning there are always renovations, upgrades, and new builds happening statewide. The numerous projects (planned, in progress, or recently completed) in Alaska are presented in this Alaska Business Spring Construction Round-Up. The projects, submitted to Alaska Business by contractors, engineers, architects, and designers include infrastructure upgrades, housing developments, municipal improvements, and much more.

Alaska Builds Second Six-Lane Highway March 2018

Alaska Builds Second Six-Lane Highway

A project to transform Anchorage’s major north-south highway into a six-lane road is almost two-thirds done. This summer, contractor QAP plans to finish construction on the second of three main phases to widen and improve the Seward Highway between Tudor Road and O’Malley Road. The third stage of the project is now being designed, with plans for construction to start around 2021. For more than a decade planners have been working on the busy four miles between Tudor and O’Malley, transforming the stretch of roadway into the second six-lane highway in the state.

Sustainable Design March 2018

Sustainable Design

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of interviewing many professionals that build and design Alaska’s infrastructure, and in those meetings I’ve learned two interesting facts: engineers always bring notes to an interview and when building a thing—bridge, runway, port, colosseum—whether or not it can be done in strictly practical terms is generally a non-issue.

Economic Outlook 2018 January 2018

Economic Outlook 2018

Member of Alaska's business community weigh in on their perspectives for the coming year.

AGC of Alaska Honors 2017 Award Winners at Annual Convention December 2017

AGC of Alaska Honors 2017 Award Winners at Annual Convention

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Alaska is the state’s largest construction trade association representing more than 650 general and specialty contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and businesses participating in one of Alaska’s largest economic sectors.

Offseason Vertical Construction October 2017

Offseason Vertical Construction

October in Alaska is one of the busiest months of the year for the vertical construction industry.

Dr. Paul John Calricaraq Project Underway in Bethel March 2017

Dr. Paul John Calricaraq Project Underway in Bethel

The last barge to Bethel up the Kuskokwim River brought pilings and thermocouples for one of the biggest construction projects in Alaska last fall, and the first barge this spring will bring the steel that was ordered in December.

John Eng March 2017

John Eng

Most contractors pay attention to the details of impending work and evaluate specifics in advance, but few crawl around a job site on a blustery New Year’s Day to figure out a problem months before the startup date. An exception is C. John Eng, who says projects often occupied his mind long before the work commenced.

Cook Inlet Housing Authority’s 3600 Spenard March 2017

Cook Inlet Housing Authority’s 3600 Spenard

Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) develops housing to follow their vision of “Independence through Housing.” CIHA recently completed the development of two properties in East Anchorage and has one project under development in Spenard.