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October 2015

Rural Energy Solutions

Energy underpins the health, economic vitality, and overall sustainability of communities and has been identified as a focus area and priority during the US leadership of the Arctic Council.

Alaska Microgrid Technologies: Micro-Industry or Big Business? August 2015

Alaska Microgrid Technologies: Micro-Industry or Big Business?

One of the most pressing (and frequently noted) challenges in Alaska is the cost of energy (both heat and power) in isolated, rural communities. Many are faced with inefficient energy systems that come at a considerable cost not only to community residents but to the state as a whole.

March 2015

Why Alaska Holds the Key to Continuing America’s Energy Revolution

About a decade ago, the United States faced what seemed to be a dismal, almost frighteningly bleak energy future. We were on the verge of a large—and seemingly unsurmountable—energy shortage.

February 2015

Shining Light on Alaska’s Solar Energy Future

What is 4.6 billion years old, 864,938 miles in diameter, 10,000 Degrees Fahrenheit in its photosphere and 92,960,000 miles from the Earth?

January 2015

The Alaska Economy

The past thirty years witnessed Alaska’s economic growth through climbing and falling oil prices, growing pains of Alaska Native corporation prosperity, and a position in global logistics eyed by not only businesses but also the US military.

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