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Leader in Disability Services Named Executive Director None 
Q&A with Jim Johnsen, President, University of Alaska May 2017
Inspiration +  Aspiration =  Motivation May 2017

Inspiration + Aspiration = Motivation

Who remembers high school and all of the classes you endured? You likely maneuvered through a diverse curriculum and swath of subjects. Oh, so many subjects. Not to mention social interaction and the emotional ebb and flow of peer connectivity. Toss in the computer age and the growth of social media, and high school becomes a whirlwind of data, burgeoning intellect, and social maturation, all swirling through a torrent of adolescence.

Vote November 2016


Vote this November in the General Election. Registered voters should turn out in force to make a difference with their votes. In the August Primary Election only 88,817 of 515,714 registered Alaska voters cast ballots—a 17.2 percent turnout. As an aside to contrast this year’s poor Primary Election participation, in Alaska’s 1992 General Election, 82.9 percent of registered voters cast ballots—the highest percentage of voters so far.

Dr. Ralph Townsend appointed ISER director June 2016

Dr. Ralph Townsend appointed ISER director