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Regional Training Centers Prep Workforce November 2015

Regional Training Centers Prep Workforce

Alaska’s regional training centers prepare students of all ages for the workforce—from driver’s licenses to maritime skills. There’s also a growing pool of healthcare training in response to increasing demand throughout the state.

November 2015

The Changing Roles of HR

It’s not too surprising that the workplace keeps changing. In business, those that do not evolve and get with the change are left behind. Change flows like a wave on the ocean. Business owners can either be pounded by it or learn how to surf. Human Resources (HR) can lead the way, making sure businesses create surfers versus drowning victims, but HR’s strategic roles have to evolve too.

November 2015

Previous Experience Required!

Almost all of us had the same problem when we graduated from college. We needed to find the right job, or for that matter, any job that could get our business careers started. The problem was, all the jobs we saw advertised required a year or two of experience, and we didn’t have it—if only we could find a way for employers to meet us.

September 2015

Why Economic Education is Important to Alaska Children and Young Adults

When children and youth have a better understanding of economics, they can make informed choices and function in a changing world economy. Youth who understand economics when they graduate are more prepared to shape their own futures and that of their communities.

May 2015

Business and the New Entry-Level Workforce

Business is a never-ending cycle of finding and training new employees. Especially, perhaps, for entry-level positions, when often applicants have absolutely no job experience and little to no understanding of workplace expectations.

Wood Bison Reintroduced to the Wilds of Alaska May 2015

Wood Bison Reintroduced to the Wilds of Alaska

While wood bison are usually considered to be fairly docile animals, the fact that they can weigh between 1,200 and 2,600 pounds makes them a rather intimidating species.

Emerging Leaders and United Way April 2015

Emerging Leaders and United Way

“Millennials” is a term loosely defined as those born between 1980 and the early 2000s. Not since the Baby Boomers—born between 1946 and 1964—has there been a demographic as large and with the potential to truly effect change in their community.

It’s Best to Give—and to Receive April 2015

It’s Best to Give—and to Receive

I have a twelve-year-old son who, the moment he earns his allowance, asks to go to the store to buy candy or some cheap plastic toy. I am teaching him—with varying degrees of success—about saving for big ticket items versus spending on quick consumable junk.

March 2015

United Way’s AARP and IRS Collaborations

Financially stable residents boost local economies, are better employees, and help communities grow and thrive.

Preparing Students for Leadership on the Frontiers of a Changing World February 2015

Preparing Students for Leadership on the Frontiers of a Changing World

As the preeminent center for business education and policy research in Alaska, the College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) focuses on preparing students for leadership at the frontiers of a changing world.