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Letter From the Editor February 2018

Letter From the Editor

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the second month of 2018. It seems as if we were just featuring the best places in Alaska to purchase holiday gift baskets. But we’re not looking back because we’re far too excited about the news and information in this spectacular issue.

Welcome to 2018 and the Official Launch of Alaska Business January 2018
Saying Good-Bye to Turbulent 2017… Looking Forward to a Prosperous 2018 December 2017

Saying Good-Bye to Turbulent 2017… Looking Forward to a Prosperous 2018

So many thrilling changes occurred in Alaska in 2017. The oil and gas industry received exciting news in May when US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke signed a secretarial order to advance exploration efforts in the National Petroleum Reserve—Alaska and to update resource assessment for certain areas of the North Slope, specifically in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Welcome to Mining Month at Alaska Business November 2017

Welcome to Mining Month at Alaska Business

Welcome to the Alaska Business special Mining Issue. As an Alaska-based, business-focused, community-minded publication (I love hyphens, what can I say?), we spend a lot of time talking about oil and gas. Many argue it is the foundation of Alaska’s economy, but oil and gas are not the only natural resources that make significant contributions to the state’s fiscal well-being.

Welcome to the Top 49ers 2017: Elements of Enterprise October 2017
August 2017

Rethinking Recycling

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Since the early 1970s that slogan has been used to bring awareness to increasing air pollution, water contamination, and unchecked waste. In many parts of the Lower 48, recycling is not just second nature, it’s expected. Instead of pushing one garbage bin the curb for pickup, residents line up their municipality-provided recycling bins with their contents meticulously separated into paper, plastic, glass, and “other.”

Welcome to our Second Annual Best of Alaska Business Issue! July 2017

Welcome to our Second Annual Best of Alaska Business Issue!

Being the best at anything is difficult. It’s easy to float through life, never taking chances, just getting the job done—but reaching the peaks of greatness requires a mix of initiative, ingenuity, strategy, and creativity. Being the best takes strength and the ability to think independently and take risks.

June 2017

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles or How I Arrived at “Alaska Business”

Spring in Alaska is like no other I’ve experienced. As the ice and last dregs of dirty snow disappear, surprising vistas emerge on a daily basis.

May 2017

Life is change

From the Alaska Business Monthly office, in a currently thawing midtown Anchorage, we can see the former Northern Lights Hotel as it undergoes what is probably its final transformation. This evolution will bring about the long overdue demolition of the forty-seven-year-old building, which, when built in 1970, was so state-of-the-art that it even had color television—in every room.

Corporate 100 Shines Again April 2017

Corporate 100 Shines Again

Congratulations to all the companies of the Corporate 100 this year for employing so many people in Alaska—89,329. That is a huge chunk of the Alaska workforce and close to 40 percent of estimated average monthly private employment. The diverse range of employers in the 2017 Corporate 100 gives readers an idea of the rich cross-section of companies operating in the state—there are many industries represented.