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Alaska Hotspots for Travelers

Alaska Hotspots for Travelers

To travelers from Outside, Alaska might be seen as one giant unique travel experience—and it is. But what’s amazing about travel in Alaska is that it’s not all the same unique experience; it’s a collection of varied unique experiences which results in a lifetime’s worth of travel opportunities.

Voter Registration

Wouldn’t it be wild if, when anyone in the United States turned eighteen, they were automatically registered to vote? It’s a ridiculous idea, full of holes, and probably impossible to implement, but at least it is relatively easy to register to vote in Alaska. As of May 3, the most recent available data at press time, there were 487,556 registered voters in Alaska. With currently available population statistics, that leaves more than 35,000 Alaskans who are eligible to vote but haven’t registered.

Danger Warning!

After rushing to Over the Rainbow to get a last minute birthday gift for a neighbor’s party that started in half an hour, I returned home twenty minutes later to find the ground level floor of my home full of smoke.

The Sitka Health Summit Finds Inspiration and Renewal in Loss of National Community Health Prize

Arctic Daily Update: June 30, 2014

Airborne geophysical maps and data released for Farewell Area

Outdoor Recreational Trails Advisory Board recruiting for board opening

Construction Employment Increases in 218 Out of 339 Metro Areas Between May 2013 & 2014 as 28 Areas Match or Exceed Previous Records for the Month

Anchorage Weekly Gas Price Update and Outlook June 30, 2014

Piano competition kicks off with a drawing of the lots

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