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AK House Movement (AKHM) presents Hous’n for the Homeless Benefit

One Love One Community


Conscious Rhythm & DJ Evie

(Anchorage, Alaska) - August 2nd, 2017   

AK House Movement (AKHM) will debut its first annual summer series of their Hous’n for the Homeless event at the Anchorage Museum. This event will bring together four local Alaska DJ’s as well as 3 LA DJ’s who have partnered together to help with each other’s communities in regards to the homelessness crisis.  With many residents in these cities asking what they can do to help, AKHM with the help of True House LA came up with a model called Hous’n for the Homeless. This is an event created to bridge the world of electronic music to the greater community by bringing people together to dance, but also learn about the issue. Monies raised from ticket sales and sponsors will be donated to an Alaskan community fund that addresses the homelessness issue.

One of the goals of the event model is to connect around this social crisis that affects over a half a million Americans every year and over 100 million worldwide.  This number is expected to increase due to climatic changes and should be part of a community resiliency model.

In order to make a substantial and sustained impact within the homeless communities, AKHM and True House LA decided they must begin and then continue the conversation. They have recently partnered with Electronic Music Alliance to further expand awareness and support for this event and a creation of a model that will be brought in to other communities.  Hous’n for the Homeless is a unified community effort to shed light and create solutions surrounding the issues of homelessness in Anchorage and elsewhere around the world. This unique event will leverage the strong community ties present within the House Music scene in Anchorage.

Hous’n for the Homeless summer edition is August 12th from 7pm to 2am at the Anchorage Museum. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds will go toward Alaska Community Foundation Fund for Homelessness.  For more information on this event, or to attend, please visit


AK House Movement is a collaboration of 3 chronically obsessed underground Alaskan House Music DJs. With over 25 years of house knowledge. Growing up in Chicago and following the amazing  Frankie Knuckles, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Andrew Emil, Chuck Love, Evan Landes, and Miguel Migs for a long time, DJ Evie has been in the house scene lurking in the shadows, educating the people of Alaska about house. She quickly went from a spiritual house dancer to a house DJ. She is the only female house DJ in Alaska and signed to True House LA. She is just now making an influence in Alaska with gigs and hopes to help make a home for house in the AK.  Upon meeting Conscious Rhythm she realized her true passion mixing the music, making people understand the music and is on her way to producing. 

Growing up on the streets of San Francisco, Conscious Rhythm aka Chris has been in the house scene for over 20 years. His early influences include EBE, Dubtribe, Wicked Crew, and many more house innovators from the west coast! Upon moving to Alaska in 2009, he quickly realized there was no house scene and wanted to make one happen quickly, he began deejaying again and met MW aka William J Nelson.  


Growing up in Alaska MW was bit by the DJ bug in the early 90s, and has been sworn to the House vibe ever since. An addiction he continually feeds. Playing a deep-soulful-jackin vibe, he just tries to spread the love, and positivity, that is HOUSE MUSIC. Known for his parties, he has had the likes of  Hector Moralez, Pete Salaz, Evan Landes of “The Groove Junkies, and Demarkus Lewis play his "Liquid Lounge",  AKA his basement.  All of AKHM, played at Coumminty LA party in March 2016 opening for Doc Martin and Wally Callerio. MW can be heard bi-weekly on Saturday nights on www.sugarshackrecordings.com.  We continue to build a “Foundation thru Education” in Alaska to this day.

House Music Culture: ONE COMMUNITY, ONE LOVE

  • Has played a major role in unifying many cultures since 1970s

  • Deriving from Disco

  • Every style, genre, or culture of music you can think of all in a blender

  • We have a culture of musical artist that you cannot duplicate anywhere else

  • Connected globally/forever family

  • Love for humanity

  • Lyrical themes:

    • Has had an influence of relaying political messages to people who were considered to be outcasts of society

    • House music started to appeal to those who didn't fit into mainstream American society ( homeless, African Americans, Hispanics, LBGT)

    • It’s like church for people who have fallen from grace or old-time religion in the way that people just get happy and praise life

    • house lyrics also contained messages calling for equality, love, peace, respect in communities


Goal for AK House Movements integration to aiding community especially homelessness

Homelessness is a problem too complex to be tackled by only the community services sector and related government departments. Resources, effort and energy are needed from across the private, public and community sectors. By involving businesses, schools, faith communities, services clubs, community groups and local people in the work of specialist homelessness services and other housing and service providers, greater resources are brought to the table. It is by coming together that real collective impact can be realized and amazing things can happen.

Most people do not want to see people sleeping on the streets. Having the comfort and safety of a home is what Anchorage residents expects for each other. The average person may not know how to go about helping people who they see homeless in their community and they are unlikely to know about the ‘hidden’ secondary and tertiary homelessness. There are likely to be many people in your community who will respond positively to your call to action.

Communities want to take pride in where they live and see that vulnerable residents are cared for. By joining in your efforts to tackle homelessness, you are inviting people to take pride in their community.

We know our House culture can help connect our community together thru the music. It will gather us together under one roof to converse, raise money and allow us to educate on this topic. By bringing the community together and educating on connection, love, and homelessness, we hope locals will start to look at this epidemic more out of love than a nuisance.

Ultimate goal: Bring the community to gather one dance, one party at a time, offer block parties invite our neighbors, have free haircuts, donated suits, food for homeless to come and enjoy with us. Gather our social workers, our police, and mayor, nonprofits to come and join us. Engage with the homeless.

In order for us to have a global change we have to love and connect with one another. House Culture does this. It’s necessary for humanity.

Homeless are disregarded every day, dehumanized. It’s time to restore understanding, it’s a condition. Everyone knows better community bonds help our people. ONE COMMUNITY, ONE LOVE. 

AKHM - AK House Movement is a collective of artists committed to bring change and awareness to some of the most challenging issues we face as a global community. https://www.facebook.com/AKHOUSEMOVEMENT/


True House LA  is the ultimate house music label representing the past, present and future of House Music. Their goal is to reach the masses worldwide and introduce them to the music that has become more than just a dance party, but a Culture! True House LA has teamed up with AK House Movement to aid in global change and awareness, http://www.truehousela.com/


Alaska Community Foundation Established in 1995, The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) cultivates, celebrates and sustains all forms of philanthropy to strengthen Alaska’s communities forever.  www.alaskacf.org


Electronic Music Alliance A global nonprofit action network, think tank, and community of electronic music fans, artists, and industry idealists dedicated to protecting our people, our planet, and our parties.  www.electronicmusicalliance.org


For more information, photos, to schedule an interview, or request complimentary press passes, please contact: Evie or Chris Sanchez at  raerhythm@gmail.com  219-771-0750 or 219-765-3125

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