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May 2018

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Commercial Leasing Tips and Techniques

Considering the number of steps involved and potential hurdles, properly planning and allowing ample time can save commercial tenants aggravation and—more importantly—money.

Guards and Patrol

Alaska’s security needs have changed dramatically in the 21st century.

Healthy Babies, Healthy Mothers

Alaska’s vast geography is a wonder to behold, but it presents more than a few challenges for women when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth.

Cracking the Code

In an effort to help the public better understand LNG terminology, Cindy Roberts volunteered to compile a guide, or glossary, of more than one hundred terms and thirty background explanations.

Tearing Down to Build Up

While many communities have embraced recycling at a household level, what happens to the massive amount of debris that results from construction demolition projects?

Attract Employees, Improve Health

Companies like Advanced Physical Therapy are capitalizing on supplemental insurance to help their employees protect their health and financial wellbeing.

Instant Staffing Solutions

The high volume of temporary and seasonal workers that fuel Alaska’s industries make it stand out among other states. Alaska’s staffing agencies offer a variety of services specific to Alaska to help companies acquire the workforce they need to fill temporary and seasonal positions.

Panels and Paper

Protect and Preserve

INFOGRAPHIC: What's in one barrel of oil?

Re-thinking Oil Operations

As technology advances, it often creates opportunities for companies to consider doing things differently. This generally holds true for the oil industry, where technology is used to provide a more safe work environment, improve cost-efficiencies, and even create a collaborative “cloud” space where employees can crowdsource new ideas.

Oil Spill Cleanup

The harsh conditions and remote nature of Alaska present formidable obstacles to those protecting the environment from oil spills. Though oil prices have only recently crept above $60 a barrel, companies, agencies, and academics throughout the state continue to find the necessary funds to develop better, more efficient technology to prevent and clean up spills.

Fresh Food and Friendly Faces

This year Subway of Alaska celebrates thirty years in the Last Frontier. Throughout those thirty years, in addition to providing a healthy dining option at locations throughout the state, Subway has invested in people and education in communities large and small.

Protecting Alaska’s Fisheries

Combating illegal fishing on the high seas, also known as international waters, which have no sovereignty, has been a thorn in the side of every nation that has a coastline. Relatively recent issues such as fishery sustainability, climate change, and deliberately mislabeling fish and fish products have prompted an effort to mount a worldwide coordinated response to illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU).

Oil and Gas in the 49th State: Hope on the Horizon

Alaska was purchased by the United States more than 150 years ago, due in part—even then—to an understanding of the state’s significant potential. When Alaska was under consideration for statehood, one of the arguments to welcome what would become the 49th state was this land’s almost unfathomable resources.
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