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Southeast Alaska Schools Leverage New Technologies to Drive Learning and Student Achievement


GCI SchoolAccess Demonstrates Strong Commitment to Region, Provides Rich Educational Opportunities

ANCHORAGE — May 29, 2014—GCI’s (NASDAQ:GNCMA) SchoolAccess, an organization created to meet the unique needs of Alaska’s students by leveraging technology and much-needed bandwidth to enhance the education process, today announced that five school districts in Southeast Alaska have selected GCI SchoolAccess to support their unique technology programs and deliver advanced learning opportunities to their students. These new contracts with Annette Island School District, Chatham School District, Klawock City School District, Southeast Island School District and Sitka School District expand GCI SchoolAccess’ footprint and demonstrate its strong commitment to Southeast Alaska through technology advancements.

“Technology is key to leveling the digital landscape, by providing access to information, and learning resources necessary for our children to become the leaders our society demands,” GCI SchoolAccess’ Senior Director Dr. Pam Lloyd said. “We need to provide students with access to information no matter their zip code.  GCI SchoolAccess is committed to delivering outstanding support and leading-edge technology to all communities, even those in the most remote areas of our great state.”

Annette Island School District, Sitka School District and Klawock City School District will receive high-speed Internet from GCI SchoolAccess. Chatham School District will implement a video conferencing network to support real-time distance learning across the district. Southeast Island School District will deploy Internet across its seven sites as well as distance learning capabilities across the school district.

“We’re thrilled to take advantage of GCI SchoolAccess technology and give our students access to learning opportunities beyond our district, throughout the state, and even across the globe” said Airica Tripple, technology coordinator at Southeast Island School District. “Our district is in a remote region of Alaska that has sites spread over large distances and is only accessible by float plane. With the increased Internet bandwidths from SchoolAccess, our students will be able to collaborate online and utilize video conferencing to connect with the experiential learning opportunities around the world. ”

For more than 15 years, GCI SchoolAccess has helped create outstanding new learning and professional development opportunities for Alaska’s students and teachers. Its services are delivered over the most robust, flexible and extensive infrastructure in Alaska. GCI SchoolAccess is a facilities-based provider with redundant, diverse pathways between Alaska and the Internet backbone in the Lower 48.

About GCI SchoolAccess
GCI SchoolAccess combines rich education experience with advanced technology to provide individualized, on-demand learning solutions that enable anytime, anywhere learning. Through our commitment to education, we help students succeed in work and life in the 21st century. Visit www.schoolaccess.net for more information.

About GCI
GCI is the largest Alaska-based and –operated, integrated telecommunications provider, offering voice, data, and video services statewide. Learn more about GCI at www.gci.com/about.

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