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Reminder: Overview of Project Management Principles at WTCAK (June 11, 2014)


WTCAK Invites You to Project Management Primer Course (June 11, 8:30 - 12:30)  
Course Outline:

The Project Management Primer Course will cover the four processes of Project Management: 

1. Identification of the Project
2. Planning the Project
3. Implementing the Project
4. Communications in the Project

As we cover the four essential processes that can be found in any project, we will have the opportunity to discover the sequential steps of project management functions where the work is done and where resources are utilized: The Definition Phase (4 steps), The Planning Phase (5 steps), and the Implementation Phase (4 steps).  All of these processes and functions add up to an easy-to-follow project management model that is suitable for any business, enterprise, or organization, and at any scalable size or degree of complexity.  The course is application-oriented, with time for discussion and questions.

Course Description:

The half-day Project Management Primer is a brief course of applying the process and principles of a project management process. The participant experiences guided instruction through a 13-step project management model that begins at Project Definition and wraps up at Project Implementation.

Each participant is required to bring in an idea of a project that they would like to work on in order to plan out or propose a project. Participants can bring a project from work or from their personal/professional life to take it through each step of the project management process. Action-based learning is used, with the participants actually working on their own project after each step of learning. Templates are provided to assist each learner in working through the requirements of their project or the project example in class.

The course engages in discussion to fully explore what is done by the Project Manager at each step of the process, and materials are referenced so that each learner can fully understand the concepts and ideas that are explored in class. A team from one organization can develop a project plan in class, or one individual can create their own plan, scalable to their group or their organization.
Who Should Attend:

The course features a scalable model of Project Management that is applicable to any industry or enterprise. The model is one used by NASA in the US Space Program and is versatile for multiple business settings large or small. The course is best suited for those who are at the entry or beginning stage of learning about projects.

Meet the Instructor:

Dr. Paula Donson, University of Alaska Anchorage

Register Today - Attendance is Limited
907-27-TRADE   www.wtcak.org
"Serving Alaska's Business Community Since 1987"

Special Tuition for WTCAK Members!
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
8:30AM - 12:30PM
World Trade Center Alaska Classroom
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