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Pebble Bulletin: Memos Show EPA Officials Tried to Stop Pebble Before Review Process



Memos Show EPA Officials Tried to Stop Pebble Before Review Process

While EPA officials started a process in February to block mine development in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska, internal memos between EPA officials reveal their support of a preemptive veto as early as 2008.

Emails obtained by The Washington Times show EPA officials were in discussion to pursue a 404(c) process against the Pebble Mine project, prior to any permit applications being filed for review by the Army Corps of Engineers and before tribal groups petitioned the agency.

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CEO for Pebble Mine Tom Collier argues the EPA is disregarding the rule of law in using their authority to pre-emptively block Pebble Mine from filing permits and for scientific evaluation by the Corps of Engineers. Collier raises concern the EPA is using federal authority beyond limitations outlined in the Clean Water Act. The EPA’s use of their authority is an issue beyond Pebble Mine, prompting concerns from a range of business and trade groups across Alaska and the U.S. Collier urges the federal agency to suspend its process and allow a formal process for Pebble to submit for permits for review under the National Environmental Policy Act.

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