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Navigation Safety Notice - Deployment of NOAA Research Instruments IVO Naked Island/Montague Strait


NOAA Gliders

Photo Courtesy of NOAA

NOAA will be deploying two unmanned wave gliders in Prince William Sound from 06-May-2014 to 30-September-2014. One will continuously circumnavigate Naked, Peak, and Storey islands, using the following waypoints:

60° 40.7' N, 147° 37.9' W
60° 36.0' N, 147° 31.4' W
60° 33.9' N, 147° 22.2' W
60° 38.3' N, 147° 11.9' W
60° 47.5' N, 147° 15.0' W
60° 46.9' N, 147° 33.8' W

The other will navigate back and forth across the entrance of Port Bainbridge and Montague Strait, using the approximate waypoints:

59°  57.5' N, 148°  19.9' W
59°  53.8' N, 148°  22.6' W
59°  34.0' N, 147°  43.3' W

The gliders are each approximately 3-feet by 6-feet in size and float on the surface of the water. The bodies are yellow with black solar panels on the top. At night, they will show standard red, green, and white navigation light characteristics approximately 3-feet above the water line. Each also has an orange flag 3-feet above the water. The gliders have AIS receivers but no transmitters. NOAA will be monitoring and controlling the gliders from their office in Seattle, WA.

The gliders will be engaged in oceanographic research and will be measuring acidification of the ocean water. NOAA would like all vessel traffic to remain clear of the gliders, giving them at least 100-foot clearance if spotted. NOAA asks that no vessel should attempt to recover or otherwise interfere with the gliders.

The primary NOAA point of contact is Noah Lawrence-Slavas, phone number 206-526-6209, email noah.lawrence-slavas@noaa.gov.

A charlet outlining the above waypoints will be included in the next USCG Local Notice to Mariners.

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