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Keep Alaska Competitive: Alaskans Sound Off on Oil Tax Reform


Keep Alaska Competitive - Vote No on 1
May 27, 2014
Keep Alaska Competitive.

Keep supporters include cross-section of Alaska

It’s always interesting to see who supports each side of major public policy issues.
The Keep Alaska Competitive Coalition is a state-wide, non-partisan ballot group consisting of companies that do business in Alaska, Alaska Native leaders, unions, civic leaders, individuals and trade groups.  We are concerned about the economic future of Alaska.
To get a good perspective on the cross-section of Alaskans supporting Keep Alaska Competitive – Vote No on 1, just take a look at some of our supporters:
GCI, Lynden, NC Machinery, Saltchuk Alaska Companies, Udelhoven, Trident Seafoods, Alaska Frontier Constructors, Northrim Bank, Nabors Alaska Drilling, Construction Machinery Industrial, Horizon Lines of Alaska, Hames Corporation, Anchorage Sand and Gravel, Food Services of Alaska, Pruhs Corporation, Dowland Bach, Colville Holding LLC, Hickel Investment Co., Span Alaska, ASCI, McKinley Mortgage Company, Residential Mortgage, Rain Proof Roofing, Fairweather, Arrowhead Transfer, and individuals like Glenn Aasland (Fairbanks), Lynn Johnson (Anchorage), Ed Rasmuson (Anchorage), andJames Sarvela (Ketchikan).
These Alaskans are involved because Ballot Measure 1 impacts them, their businesses and their families. It’s the number-one issue in Alaska today.  Keep Alaska Competitive – Vote No on 1 accepts no funding from the oil industry.

It’s important to keep facts separate from views

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Economist Scott Goldsmith’s conclusion that there is no $2 billion “giveaway” and that Alaska fares better under oil tax reform than it would under ACES drew headlines across the state and commentaries from two Keep supporters.
Writing in the Anchorage Daily News, former Gov. Tony Knowles says everyone’s entitled to his own views but not his own facts. And the Goldsmith analysis shows that the facts support voting No on One. “All of these facts are powerful arguments that Alaska's way forward is not to go back to an oil tax regime that was leading us off the fiscal cliff.” Read more
Keep Co-Chair Marc Langland also discussed the Goldsmith research in a commentary in the Juneau Empire. His conclusions: “Oil tax reform made Alaska more competitive, which has already led to more investment and new production that will help stem the current decline. That‘s why a vote ‘No’ is the right vote on August 19.” Read more

Encourage your employees to vote

Brad Osborne, president of NANA Oilfield Services, authored an insightful piece in the May issue of Business to Business, the Alaska Chamber newsletter, on encouraging your employees to vote.
“Getting out the vote is a perfect example of work and the political process combining for a recipe for success,” Osborne writes. “In all my years in business, I have never heard an employer begrudge an employee their opportunity to vote. Quite the opposite, in fact.” Read more
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Get a jump on the vote

Before you head off to your favorite fishing hole, take a second to order your absentee ballot. You can do so online by clicking here
Remember that Alaska has a history of close votes and coin flips. Don’t let Alaska’s future be determined by someone else. Vote no on 1
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Now starring on TV

Keep steering committee member Tom Maloney hit the airwaves with his message of Vote No on One. Tom spent an hour on Channel 13’s Alaska Daily show with host Dorene Lorenz. Watch it here.
  Oil field

More drilling = more oil, more revenue, more jobs

Veteran business writers Mike and Tim Bradner calculate that oil tax reform has already produced major results. Projects announced to date will add from 119,900 to 124,900 barrels of oil/day (b/d) by 2018-2020 and include ConocoPhillips, 47.000 b/d; BP, 40,000 b/d + four new rigs; Brooks Range, 15,000 b/d.; Caelus Energy, 15,000-20,000 b/d.
Maybe there are no “guarantees,” but oil producers are investing their money in Alaska for more production – and that is the goal of oil tax reform. Voting No on One is a vote for more production.
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email: info@keepalaskacompetitive.com   •   phone: 907-569-7070   •   keepalaskacompetitive.com
This communication was paid for by Keep Alaska Competitive – Vote No on 1, P.O. Box 220884, Anchorage, AK 99522. Marc Langland and Jim Jansen, co-chairs, Lynn Johnson, treasurer, approved this message. Top contributors are GCI – Anchorage, AK; Lynden – Anchorage, AK; Saltchuk Resources, Inc. – Anchorage, AK; N C Machinery Co. – Anchorage, AK; Udelhoven Oilfield System Services, Inc. – Anchorage, AK.


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