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Weatherholt's 'Getting Down to Business' Celebrates Four Years, Expands Market


David Weatherholt

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May 16, 2013 – ANCHORAGE, Alaska - On Thursday May 16th, 2013, David Weatherholt celebrated his fourth anniversary hosting Getting Down to Business® in Anchorage, Alaska. Weatherholt also announced the expansion of his show to Spokane, Washington’s radio market on KSBN Money Talk 1230 AM (PST 9 AM to 11 AM).

“This is very humbling for me, having reached our fourth successful year giving business planning advice to Alaskans and an online listeners,” said Weatherholt. “When topics, guests and my business experience help guide a small business owner, or aspiring entrepreneur, or a corporate executive to better business decision-making, that’s what makes the show meaningful,” added Weatherholt.

Getting Down to Business® first aired Saturday May 16, 2009 on KABA 87.7 FM. Weatherholt’s first guest was Russell Ball, founder of Alaska Computer Brokers (now ACB Solutions LLC). The topic was “The Business Planning Process.” The show grew in size and format, expanding to two hours on FOX News Talk’s KOAN 95.5 FM and 1020 AM KOAN Saturdays 8 AM to 10 AM on March 9, 2013

“The fact our listenership online via podcast and in the Southcentral Alaska radio market has increased to the level that Washington’s radio listeners now have an interest is particularly encouraging,” added Weatherholt.

David Weatherholt is a long-time Alaskan business owner, consultant, children’s book author and educator. Weatherholt holds multiple degrees including a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Marketing/Accounting and two Associate of Art (AA) Degrees in Graphic Arts & Professional Management. Weatherholt has taught business and accounting courses at Alaska Pacific University, University of Alaska, Anchorage, and the American Institute of Banking.


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