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Senate Majority Celebrates Success of Energy Bills, Budgets


Collaborative effort results in most productive legislative session in decades

JUNEAU-Today, the Senate Majority applauded Governor Parnell as he signed a package of bills designed to secure the energy future of Alaska while setting up a five-year fiscal plan.   While addressing an Anchorage Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Governor Parnell told attendees, “This is a comeback year for Alaska.”  He continued on to say this has been the most productive Session he has seen for decades.

“I am so proud of the work the Senate Majority did with Governor Parnell and the House of the Representatives to make these historical changes to create more opportunities for Alaskans and ensure a better future for the State,” said Senate President Charlie Huggins.  “This kind of cooperation is paving the way for financial stability while creating more opportunities and security for Alaskans.”

Today, Governor Parnell signed a package of energy bills designed to benefit Alaskans in many ways.  He signed Senate Bill 21, now known as the More Alaska Production Act, to attract new investment and increase oil production on the North Slope. He also signed House Bill 129 and Senate Bill 27, both designed to more quickly put Alaskans to work on resource projects.

Governor Parnell also signed House Bill 4 which allows the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. (AGDC) to take action developing gas pipelines that connect Alaskans with Alaska’s natural gas. HB 4 empowers AGDC to continue developing an instate gas pipeline from the North Slope to Fairbanks and Southcentral, providing clean, reliable, low-cost energy to Alaskans.

Later in the afternoon, Governor Parnell signed both the Operating and Capital Budgets, which total nearly $1.1 billion less spending of state general funds from last year, which reflects a 14-percent decrease.   

“I am thrilled to see all three of the Senate Majority’s top priorities were met this year through this unique collaboration of all parties involved,” said Senator Huggins.  “We went to Juneau with the goals of getting more oil in the pipeline, making energy affordable for all Alaskans and controlling state spending.  All of the bills signed by Governor Parnell today help accomplish our mission.”

For more information, please call Senate Majority Press Secretary Carolyn Kuckertz at (907) 269-6315. 

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